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We have finally moved into our new house and are all settled in! While it seems like a bad time to move, it has actually been a blessing in disguise! If we are going to be quarantined at least it is in a new place, toys feel like new after being in boxes for a few weeks, and we have kept busy with plenty of time unpacking and organizing.

Our new schoolroom/playroom is finally finished and I’m so excited to share it with you! We are loving this new space!

This area in our house is right off the entry and next to the kitchen in what is meant to be a formal dining/living room area. With three little ones and homeschooling full time what better way to use this space! This is our life at this stage and where we spend most of our time. I’m sure as the kids grow older and the toys start to disappear, this room with evolve many times.

Since it is open to any guests who may come over, I wanted it to be very organized, with everything having its own place. I bought 3 of these 8 cube storage organizers from Target (Threshold line.) It is great for holding some school supplies, books and toys. For smaller toys or ones with lots of pieces I got a few of these fabric storage bins.

In the center is our cork board where we have our monthly calendar (from Target Dollar Spot) and will pin up the kids art work. On top of the middle cube organizer I have one of our floating shelves. I decided not to hang it and have it sitting on top as a way to display books we are using for each unit/holiday/etc.

Next to the large organizers we have one smaller shelf that holds all our essential school supplies and workbooks we use everyday. The very top has all our coloring markers, crayons, pencils (out of reach of my youngest.) On the wall is our weekly school calendar that we love! You can see my post HERE all about it, how to make it, and where to find everything.

The first shelf holds our Kindergarten in a Box. Check out my post about it HERE. I keep all our workbooks out and next to the box for quick reaching and leave the top open for our supplies/math manipulatives. If we choose to go somewhere or take school outside, I can just put all our books in the bottom of our box and go, having everything we need ready.

The second shelf holds all our early readers. Our Usborne My First Reading Library, Dash into Learning books, and many others. Check out my post about our favorite early reading resources HERE.

The bottom shelf holds our library books we are using for certain units as well as a bin of puzzles/toys for my youngest to pull out while we do school. You can find my post HERE about keeping your littles busy during schoolwork with the older ones.

Our new school table is BIG and our favorite! It was also an easy DIY!

I have been searching for a good kids table to use, but everything is so small. So I found an old dining table on Facebook Marketplace for $20! My plan was to buy it, chop the legs to make it shorter and paint it white. However, when I brought it home I realized the top of the table was a fake wood linoleum (Before and After photos below.) I wasn’t sure how or if I should paint it so I found this contact paper on Amazon that has fake wood grain. It is just like wallpaper so you just peel and stick it on, smoothing with a credit card/sharp edge. I covered the whole table in it and love it! It is also super durable and very easy to clean! If it is ever to get really dirty or old you can peel it off and replace it with new!

HERE is the link for our kids chairs. They are a little larger than regular kids chairs, very durable and comfortable, even for me.

Our rug was given to me by my sister-in-law, but she said she bought it from Rugs USA. HERE is a similar one (ours is a 9×12.)

You don’t have to have a separate school area to have a successful homeschool, but it is nice that we have the space and we’re able to combine the area with our playroom. The kids loving creating and playing in here!

To see a live tour check out my Instagram highlight “Schoolroom.”

I hope you are all doing well and hanging in there during this unfortunate quarantine time! Blessings to you all! ❤️z

P.S. If you did not see the news on my social media sites we are expecting baby #4 to arrive this September! We are very thrilled to have another little one soon! However, this pregnancy has been hard on me so I haven’t been posting on here as regularly and probably will be posting sporadically over the next few months!

Easter is just around the corner and be sure to check out some fun Easter activities I posted last year! 😍

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