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Me and My Amazing Body: An Early Elementary Human Body Study

Me and My Amazing Body is a great introduction unit study to learn about the human body and how it works. This study guide is geared toward ages 4-8 and will help children learn many of the functioning parts of the body. It is compiled of 10 units and teaches children through books, hands on experiments, crafts, recipes, and fun videos!

The 10 units they will be learning about:

  • My Body
  • My Skin/Senses
  • My Skeleton
  • My Muscles
  • My Brain
  • My Blood & Veins
  • My Heart
  • My Lungs
  • My Stomach & Intestines
  • My Germs

Each of these units prompts you on what to read, additional book lists, videos to watch, activities and experiments with easy-to-follow instructions and photos, templates for activities, and a flip body project.

At the end of every unit, each child will be creating a body cut out and drawing/coloring the body part they learned about. They will be able to add to this to their photo cut out making a moveable body of all the body parts they learned.

Best for ages 4-8 years. Perfect for homeschool, classroom, or co-op.

Books required to go with this guide: (all can be found on Amazon)

  • Me and My Amazing Body by Joan Sweeney
  • DK First Human Body Encyclopedia
  • Optional Read Aloud: Human Body Theater by Maris Wicks

This guide is 51 pages.


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10 reviews for Me and My Amazing Body

  1. Jessica Sommerfeld

    Love this unit study! Super fun way to learn about maps, our world, and how we fit into it! This was also a fun way to compare where we used to live and where we moved to!

  2. Hannah

    I bought this unit to do with my 6 and 4 year old. It has been the perfect introduction to geography/social studies. The studies are great to do week by week, or spread out even more – we’ve taken a very slow, flexible approach and it has worked very well for us! The crafts hold their interest and are super easy to follow with hardly any prep; as of mom of 3 young ones, I really appreciate that. We can’t wait to try out the space and body units next!

  3. Brittany Macadams

    Absolutely love Me and My Amazing Body. The book recommendations and video lists are varied depending on how old your children are, and there are multiple activities for each section. It’s easy to make it more simple or more complex depending on how deep you want to dive. The activities are simple enough (so that you’ll actually implement them 🙂 but also drive the point home. I never loved anatomy as a kid but teaching it (and learning it) this way with my kids had been so much fun. My kids (7 and 5) also love the books, vids and activities! Look forward to using more units from Little School!

  4. Cristina (verified owner)

    This unit study was just what I needed. Simple, full of fun activities where I can pick and choose which ones I want to do. The book suggestions and videos were really good too. My kid has loved learning about the human body.

  5. Brittany A

    I’m currently using this in our little co-op. I teach five 5-6 year olds and we are loving the activities and the other parents have been impressed with content. The body flip book is such a fun project to carry through each week. My daughters and I are doing extras things at home because we just don’t have time for everything in our short class so it’s extra fun for us. I’ve already penciled in the other unit guides for next year!

  6. Callie Clarke (verified owner)

    This unit has been such a fun intro for my 4 and 7 year olds. I love that we could all work on it together and they could learn at their own pace. The activities were all very fun and easy to set up. Highly recommmend!

  7. Erin Wunder

    Completed Me and My Amazing body this semester! It was so much fun and easy to adapt to my boys in 3rd, 1st, and pre-k. Just enough information to catch their interest and so many good snack ideas to add in each lesson. We are excited to try another Unit this year! Highly Recommend!

  8. Shay

    This unit study is awesome!! We started doing it to go along with the holidays we’re celebrating (studying the heart around Valentines Day, blood in October, etc.) and my 4 year old has been learning so much!

    The layout is very clear with no set schedule so you can work it into your learning schedule very easily. Each unit includes a little bit of everything – recommended readings, videos, activities, and recipes (our favorite part!).

    If you you’re looking for a unit study on the body for anyone ages 3-12 this is perfect!

  9. Tash (verified owner)

    Me and My Amazing Body is awesome! In depth enough to last as a few months long unit study. Or skim the surface for young learners and use it again more in depth each year as they get older. Bought for my 1st grader but her little sister also loves it and it could totally, and very easily, be used for older grades. Dad is a nurse and loves the detail and accuracy of the material presented. The only minor error that we noticed is that on the “Brain Sections” print out, the occipital lobe and parietal lobe labels are switched (the parietal lobe is labeled as the occipital and vice-versa).
    It’s a very well thought out and planned unit study! So happy we purchased it. Fun variety of learning activities and crafts. Easy to just pull out and use.

  10. Jess Anderson (verified owner)

    I used this study with my girls (pre-K and K) this past year and we all LOVED it! As a nurse, science is my jam, and I was so impressed by how well this unit study taught my kids about the body and how the crafts and hands on activities really brought it to life. I highly recommend this fun, interactive study!

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