Around the World Studies: Master Blog List

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Happy Summer! Our school year is complete and we had such a great year! This year we did Around the World studies to cover many different subjects: geography, science, history, and art. Combining all these subjects together made our year so simple, laid back, and fun! We learned so much and made many memories together.

We were able to study 17 different countries! For each country we studied, I have put together a blog post of ALL our favorite books we read, crafts and art projects, experiments, science & history topics, and more!

I know many of you are hoping to do similar Around the World studies next school year or in the future. So todays blog post is a round up or “master list” of all the country blog posts we did, resources we used, as well as science biomes we added, so you have everything easily accessible in one post. Bookmark this blog post for easy future use!

Resources and Curriculum

First I want to start with my blog posts on all the resources, books, and curriculum we used, plus a review of our year.

Around the World with Picture Books & Extra Resources

Around the World Review


You can find all the supplies we used in the above blog posts, but these are the supplies and books we used EVERY week:

Notebooks (I prefer the 7 x 10 size)

Straight Line Stencil (helped add lines to our notebooks for writing)

Book lists for all age ranges and countries

Country Blog Posts

We did 2-3 countries per continent and spent 2 weeks on each country. We did not cover any countries in North America; we are doing those next school year. For every continent we studied one biome for science.


China Unit Study

Japan Unit Study

Thailand Unit Study

Mountain Biome Unit


India Unit Study (not in Africa, but we did it with these next countries)

Morroco (spent a quick few days on this country so didn’t do a blog post. There are a few ideas in my ATW highlight on my Instagram.)

Egypt Unit Study

Desert Biome Unit

Antartica & Polar Biome Unit

Australia Unit Study

Coral Reef Biome Unit

South America

Brazil and Rainforest Biome Study

Peru Unit Study


Spain Unit Study

Sweden Unit Study

Netherlands Unit Study

Italy Unit Study

England Unit Study

**We also did a quick study on Germany and Russia as we studied The Nutcracker in December. THIS Nutcracker guide gave us ideas to do while we studied those countries. We also did a quick study on Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day.

I hope all of my blog posts can be a big help to you as you plan your Around the World studies. You can do these countries, and many others, in any order you want. You can do a few, all, or none of the activities and books I share in these blog posts. Do what works best for you, your family, and your homeschool. I hope any of the activities I share help bring learning to life in your homeschool!

Be sure to tag me on Instagram and share if you do any of our projects and experiments we did, I would love to see!

Wishing you all the best!

– Lindsay

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  1. Wow! Thank you for all of this and sharing your journey. It is so encouraging and helpful for my heart and mind.

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