Daily Journal Questions for Kids


55 Daily Journal Questions for Kids!



Give your child the encouragement and freedom to write with a daily journal and fun questions to answer. This printable has 55 different questions to answer to help get you started!

Each day I write one of these questions at the top of my daughter’s journal for her to answer. I don’t correct her spelling, grammar, punctuation, or handwriting. I just want to give her the freedom and encouragement to write! Learning to take a question, critically think about it, and answer in her own way.

When she is finished, I read her answer, and it usually leads to a fun discussion of what she answered, or if it is science related we might look up the answer together. It is a highlight of her day and a great way to begin our lessons. From a child who despised handwriting before, this has helped her grow to love it!

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Happy Writing!


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