Around the World: England Unit Study

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We made it to our final country of the school year: England!

It has been such a fun year, but as we get into May we are all burnt out and ready for a break. Unfortunately, England got the back seat as we finished all our other curriculums to finish the school year. We did a few fun projects, but not as much as I hoped. I’m going to share all the things we did get to as well as lots more ideas that you could add to your England study.

If you want extra help, or to make your life a little easier, THIS is a great unit study, from Build Your Masterpiece Class, covering all things England. Recipes, painting projects, writing projects, printables, and more!

We started off by learning about the country in the book Maps and DK Countries of the World. We had a great discussion, and found them on our map, the difference of what countries make up the United Kingdom vs England itself. We colored and labeled the map of the United Kingdom in our notebooks.

We also read from our favorite book Children Just Like Me, about a little boy who lives in England. We painted the flag of England from our Traveling the World guide.


We first started our studies learning about London. I found THIS great (free) printable mini book that looks like a London Bus. It has a map, and different buildings and locations that you learn about throughout London. The book A Walk in London by Salvatore Rubbino went really well with it! We read the book first, but not the fine print that has facts about each landmark. Then as my kids colored and went through the printable bus pages, we found the landmark and read facts about it from this book.

We didn’t get to it, but I was hoping to do a more in depth study about different types of bridges and the London Bridge. THIS is a great STEM activity on building the London Bridge. We did watch THIS video of the bridge opening and closing for large ships to come through.

One day while studying London, we had a very laid back day to recover from a busy weekend. My kids colored THIS printable of Paddington. While they colored I read them some Paddington stories from the Paddington Storybook Collection. Then we watched the Paddington movie together.

The Royal Family

Next we learned all about the Royal Family and Kings and Queens. My daughter has followed along with the last royal wedding, the queens passing, and the coronation of the new King so she was excited to learn more about the royal family.

We read about Queen Elizabeth I and her family tree from the book Famous Family Trees. Then we looked up and figured out the current royal family tree. (Helpful post HERE.) We also watched some videos on YouTube of King Charles coronation.

The kids also did THIS drawing tutorial of the Queen in their notebooks and wrote about something they learned. You could do THIS drawing tutorial also if a royal crown.

We made our own crowns from THIS printable. We colored them one day, put them together another day and the kids decorated them with rhinestones and jewels from the craft store. They turned out so cool! We saved them for the end of our unit and wore them to our English tea party.

HERE is a simple recipe for English scones you could make together for your tea party.

We didn’t get to it, but I thought THIS simple project would be fun after learning about the royal family. Color the castle and draw your own family tree members in the windows and doors.

That was all we did for our study of England. We really enjoyed our tea party and had a movie night that evening to watch The Queens Corgi.

Although this study seemed a little quick and laid back, we still really enjoyed it.

That is a wrap on our Around the World studies and our school year. We had an amazing year together. Next I’ll be putting together a “master” blog post of all the countries we completed. This will be easier for you to save and refer back to if you are doing Around the World studies in the future.

Have a great week!

– Lindsay

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