Today I’m sharing all our Kindergarten curriculum choices for the 2019-2020 school year!

We actually started Kindergarten with my daughter this last March (she turned 5 in February and completed all her Transitional Kindergarten curriculum.) However, it feels as though we are starting over because we now have a full set of subjects and a new addition of our Language Arts program.

My greatest goal for this school year in planning was to simplify. Only do the basics so we have plenty of room to explore her own personal interests in science, history, etc. rather than a set curriculum.

We LOVE doing our school work on-the-go. Outside, at the park, Grandma’s house or even our family cabin in the mountains. I really wanted to have all our everyday Kindergarten curriculum in one, easily accessible place. So I made this Kindergarten in a box!

Now all our workbooks, supplies, and everything we need for any of the lessons is always ready to go. I don’t have to spend the time to gather everything before we take it somewhere or keep going in and out of the house for things I forgot. Everything is in one place and ready! The top portion holds all her crayons, pencils, scissors, glue, flashcards and math manipulatives. It can be removed, and underneath holds all her workbooks, calendar, dry erase board, etc. Click HERE for this box.

Here is what is inside and the curriculum we are using:

Language Arts: The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts Level K

We LOVE The Good and The Beautiful. We have used the PreK and Kindergarten Primer workbooks in past years and fell in love. We actually started the Level K in March, but they released a new and revised edition in June. Since we were only 1/4 through the old one, I decided to buy the new one and start over with all the amazing changes. We will fly through the first half but it will be great review and confidence booster.

The Language Arts Level K also comes with 30 mini books, tons of phonics flash cards, and the Level K reader. (All can be purchased separately.) This curriculum has beautiful lessons that are short, simple, and open and go. There is gorgeous artwork, fun games, and elements of other subjects woven in as well.

Math: The Good and The Beautiful Level K Math

We also use The Good and The Beautiful for our math curriculum. It is amazing! We started this curriculum at the beginning of last year, slowly working through a lesson or 2 per week. We have about 6 more lessons and will finish the first book and move on to the second this year.

Because of this curriculum, math has become my daughter’s favorite subject. She loves the pretty pictures, hands on learning, songs, games and puzzles. There is so many great things about this math curriculum. I did a guest blog post reviewing this curriculum at Just a Simple Home Blog. You can read the full review HERE.

Handwriting: The Good and The Beautiful Level K

We are also using The Good and The Beautiful for Level K. I printed the early released version this past spring and had it bound. I love that along with the great handwriting practice on each page, they always have a brain break of something to color, draw or a puzzle/maze.

Spelling: Bitty Beginnings Spelling Pack

This spelling pack from Bitty Beginnings is paired up perfectly with the spelling lists in The Good and The Beautiful Level K. I laminated our spelling cards and sheets and we use a dry erase marker to practice over and over. I keep these in a small folder in our Kindergarten box.

History/Geography: Passports to Adventures

I am so excited to use Passports to Adventures by The Waldock Way. Passport to Adventures is a unit study style curriculum that uses the Magic Tree House books. Each book in the series is a different unit that covers science, history, geography, art and more in a hands-on, fun, and multi-sensory way. (There are 30 different units.) Each unit has a coloring page, copy work and suggestions for videos, games, projects and additional books to go along with that subject. I’m excited to use this curriculum as a guide to picking a topic and diving into it as deep as my kids want to go.

You can get the first 4 Magic Treehouse books HERE.


We aren’t going to focus a great deal on science this year, but I did get this fun Science Academy book to complete. I thought this would be a fun introduction into science and all the different types. This book introduces and guides children through five different types of scientists (laboratory scientist, investigative scientist, space scientist, earth scientist, and life scientist.) It provides projects, experiments, activities and super skill tests from different types of scientists.

Literature supplement Let’s Keep Playing School by Let’s Play School.

This is a literature based curriculum that focuses on character building, growth mindset, positive affirmations, early writing and other projects. There are 15 different units that have tracing pages, craft ideas, recipes, community volunteering, play ideas, spelling, story mapping, reading comprehension, and a writing project. We will only be using this here and there, but love all the fun and learning to be had from a simple story.

So all of this fits in our Kindergarten box! I keep our Let’s Keep Playing School and Passports to Adventures in binders but will pull out whatever unit we are working on and put them in folders to fit in our box.

You can check out our Breakfast Basket HERE where we are doing our bible studies. We will be also be doing art and piano this Kindergarten year, but I will share more on those later.

One of my favorite parts of homeschooling is being able to do schoolwork anywhere, anytime and I think this box will help us be able to do just that. ☺️

Have a great day! Be sure to check back tomorrow for all our preschool choices!

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