So now that I have shared our “Breakfast Basket” HERE and our Kindergarten curriculum for my daughter HERE. Now it’s time to share all our preschool choices for my son!

Although our preschool year mostly involves lots of playing, my 3 1/2 year old son asks to do school work just like his big sister. So I pulled together some fun things he can work on while she is working too.

At this age for my daughter we started learning an alphabet letter per week and will do the same for my son. Each week we focus on learning what that alphabet letter looks like, upper and lower case, the sound it makes, and beginning writing. We also work on colors, shapes, numbers counting 1-20 and other fun themes.

Here are all the main resources we will be using this year:

These 2 books are my favorite for learning the alphabet. The Big Book of ABC is a giant book that focuses on one letter per page. It has tons of different illustrations and pictures that begin with each letter. Each week we will look at and discuss all the things our letter of the week starts with.

If you love this book you might also love The Big Book of Numbers and The Big Book of Colors. These books are a similar lay out and are gorgeous. (If you are interested in purchasing all three of these books, send me a message or comment and I can offer you a discount. ☺️)

The Big Book of Alphatales was my favorite when I did preschool at home with my daughter, and I can’t wait to use it again. It has 26 different stories- one for each letter of the alphabet. The stories are fun, simple, and filled with words that start with that particular letter.

Our main curriculum we will be using is The Complete A-Z Alphabet Letter Learning Pack Set from Bitty Beginnings. This bundle is PACKED full of activities for each letter in the alphabet. Tracing, dot it pages, playdough mats, find it pages, cut and paste, puzzles, sensory bin/matching activities, flashcards, and more. Below is a picture of some of the activities for the letter D (not even all of the activities are shown!)

I also love this set because it is low prep. Most of the pages are just print and use. I like to print all the activities for 4 letters at a time (a months worth) and put each in a folder. This way when that letter of the week comes up, everything is ready to go.

You can check out my Early Learning Resources for Toddlers blog post HERE where I share a review all about this curriculum.

So to work on beginning sounds for each letter we are using ABC See Hear Do. This book is new to us, but I have heard so many positive reviews and it looks so fun! This book “combines visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles to help increase phonemic awareness.” The fun animal pictures and hand motions that go with each letter help young children easily remember each letter sound. Eventually after learning a few, they can even begin to blend and sound out the words provided. I think my son will really enjoy this! There are also fun printables and flashcards that you can get to go with this book as well as handwriting pages that match the illustrations.

In these early learning years I try not to be very strict about handwriting and learning to write. Learning good pencil grip at this stage is #1. However, my son LOVES to trace! He will do it forever! So here are some of our early learning resources for beginning handwriting.

The My First School Book from Handwriting Without Tears will be his main workbook this year. It is perfect for working on pre-writing skills.

We have a ton of tracing pages from Bitty Beginnings that we love and will be using. I printed the alphabet and laminated the upper case page and lower case letters page back to back. Pair with a dry erase marker and they can be used over and over. Jen from Bitty Beginnings also offers customizable name tracing pages. This year my son will really be working on his first name- how to spell and write it. The reverse side has his first and last name. Jen only offers these for a limited time so be sure to follow her Instagram HERE to see when they are available.

Usborne Books has TONS of these Wipe-Clean books that we love! This one is the Wipe-Clean Capital Letters and each book comes with a dry erase marker. They have fun pictures and things to trace along with the alphabet letters. Everything wipes clean super easy! These are my favorite for on the go. 👍🏼

Check out all the different Wipe-Clean books HERE. I will be getting the Get Ready for School Wipe-Clean set soon!

So along with all our alphabet curriculum we will also be adding in some units from Let’s Play School’s My First School curriculum. This bundle has 20 different units that are FILLED with great early learning activities based on picture books. I will be choosing certain units to go with our letter of the week. For example, here is all the great activities in the I’m a Dirty Dinosaur unit we will be using for the letter D.

You can see more of the units and review of this set HERE.

That’s it! I keep all of these resources for each week ready in this basket. Of course along with these curriculum choices we play lots of games, make crafts and other activities for each letter. However, I try to keep it fairly simple and it is meant to be just a lot of hands on fun!

Thank you so much for following along this week as I share all the fun resources and curriculum we will be using this school year! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for daily learning fun and I will be sure to share in here the activities we are working on throughout the year.

Have a great day! 😊

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