We are officially on the two week countdown until school begins over here! Yay!!

This week I’ll be sharing all of our curriculum choices for this year! After what feels like months of searching, planning and prep, I’m so excited to share with all of you the fun and learning we are about to have.

So to begin sharing our curriculum choices, I choose to share the first thing we will be doing everyday. Our breakfast basket!

Many homeschoolers in this community use a “morning basket.” This is essentially the same thing, yet we always do ours while gathered around the table in the morning for breakfast (little ones sit and listen better in front of food ☺️) ….so we have our breakfast basket! This basket will stay by our kitchen table and be ready for every morning. (You can find a similar basket HERE.)

This basket is very simple and isn’t filled with a lot of things. My kids are very young and do great with routine, so this will be a nice routine to ease into school everyday while also covering some things we value.

Our basket is mostly focused around our bible studies, but with a few other things. Each day we will read a story from our favorite Jesus Storybook Bible. I found these FREE printables from the Learning Mama Blog that correspond to each story in the book! My kids will draw a picture while I read a story and then do some copy work in the lined spaces below. I can’t wait to see their drawings and interpretations of the Bible stories.

We will also be focusing on learning our prayers. This Let’s Pray Tracing Set is from Bitty Beginnings. There are 11 different ones (I printed them back to back), but we will be only be practicing/working on one at a time. They can trace them, as well as work on memorizing them and the meaning of each.

I am also SO excited to have found this next resource. This year for preschool my son will be focusing on an alphabet letter per week and this Exploring Bible Truth’s Creatively From A-Z by Color & Kindness is amazing! Each alphabet card correlates with a bible story. It tells you on the back (different choices of layout offered) what story to read and a simple question to ask your children.

You can also purchase or download for FREE on their blog supplementary activities that go with each letter and bible story! There is a bible craft with templates, tracing page, bible verse, a letter craft, plus other links and suggestions for other activities. I think this will be so fun to help us learn the alphabet and bring bible stories to life!

Also every dollar spent on their website provides a meal for a child in need! 💕 Check out Color and Kindness HERE. They have so many great things!

So aside from our bible time, we also have the Atlas of Animal Adventures in our basket. My kids love animals so I thought this would be a great book to read each day to spark their interests and curiosities. This book shares “31 of nature’s most unmissable animal events,” such as migrations, behaviors, habits, etc. This book is beautiful and each 2 page spread has tons of facts to learn and things to spot about a particular animal.

We also have our Big Book of Little Stories from Usborne Books & More. My kids love this book, as do I! The stories are sweet and short and the illustrations are so pretty. This will be a great book to have to read a fun quick story before we begin our day.

And that’s it! Not too many things, as they can’t sit that long and I don’t want to overwhelm them. We won’t get to all of these things everyday also. Some of these things only once a week. Everyday is different and I will let the kids have an input as to what we choose to do some days as well. And as the year goes on this basket will forever be evolving, especially adding seasonal books for holidays, etc.

I hope you enjoyed our simple breakfast basket and stay tuned tomorrow when I share all things Kindergarten!! 😊

Have a blessed day!

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