Early Learning Resources for Toddlers

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The #1 question I get asked the most is “where do I start?” when it comes to doing learning activities for little ones (ages 18 months- 4 years old). Whether you plan to homeschool or not, many families are looking for learning activities to help teach their young children the basics (alphabet, counting, shapes and colors) or just for some fun activities to do with them to stay busy.

That is exactly how I started this journey. When my oldest was only 2 years old I began searching high and low for activities that would be something different and fun to do everyday than just play with toys. When we began using printable activities I found I loved that she was playing yet learning at the same time!

So whenever I get asked this question now I always point people in the direction of two small shops: Let’s Play School and Bitty Beginnings.

Both of these shops have endless learning resources and activities for ages 18 months and older. They include many concepts such as:

-Introduction to the Alphabet
-Numbers 1-10
-Beginning Handwriting Skills
-Fine and Large Motor Skills
-Following Directions
-Matching and Sorting

I have been using them from the beginning and still love them today, 3 years later. They are both created and run by hard working, homeschool moms who inspire learning through play and creating memorable early learning experiences.

Let’s Play School

Let’s Play School has a curriculum called “My First School” that is perfect for those early learning years! This curriculum is an instant PDF download containing 17- 2 week units!! (This is a “growing bundle” so once complete you will have a total of 20 units!)

My First School is geared for ages 18-36 months and is a hands-on literature based curriculum. The units are each based on a children’s book and are so full of color and fun!

Each unit comes with ideas and activities for family time, learning mats, flashcards, dramatic play, songs/poems, art, and printable activities. As well as a supplies list and sample weekly schedule.

I used this curriculum with my son starting at 2 1/2 years old, but even my 4 year old daughter loved to do the activities too! My son LOVED this and here is one of his favorite units: I’m A Dirty Dinosaur

Let’s Play School’s “My First School” has been so amazing for our family and we will continue to use it for many years! As your child gets older there is also Let’s Play School’s Preschool Curriculum that is another 12 units of learning activities paired with great children’s books!

Bitty Beginnings

Bitty Beginnings is another small shop that we love for early learning activities. They have multiple learning sets of all different themes and holidays for boys and girls. Bitty Beginnings offers printable activities to “engage & challenge little minds to explore the beautiful world around them.”

My kids love to use these sets on their own and together. Here they are using some of our favorites ☺️ Preschool Flash Card Set

Ice Cream Cone Fun Set

Preschool Flash Card Set

My Garden Sensory Look and Find Beginning Sound Strip Cards- Garden

Counting Rocks Construction Set

Flower Counting and Addition Set

My favorite is the The Bitty Beginnings’ Preschool Set and what my son will be using for his upcoming preschool year. This set is full of printable activities and hands-on fun to learn the alphabet letters and their sounds as well as numbers, shapes, matching, size sorting, beginning handwriting and sign language! This set includes all printables, instructions from prep to play, a sample weekly schedule and additional ideas/ways to play!

These curriculum sets are perfect for fun and simple activities to do with your younger children and I highly recommend them. Everything is created for you, all you have to do is print, prep and play! Leading the way in memorable first learning experiences together. 😍

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Above are all the direct links to the shops as well as the curriculum and activity packs. Below are links to Let’s Play School and Bitty Beginnings social media accounts. Be sure to give them a follow because they are always having great deals and discounts on their items! 🙌🏼

Let’s Play School Instagram

Let’s Play School Blog

Bitty Beginnings Instagram

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