Moana Themed Activities and Crafts

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Last summer I had a newborn baby and we live in California so it was VERY hot. We were stuck inside a lot and my kids were going a little stir crazy. They were obsessed with the movie Moana so I decided to come up with some Moana themed activities and crafts just for something to keep us busy. It turned out to be one of my favorite units ever! My daughter still talks about the fun things we did so I wanted to share them with you!

We grabbed some rocks from outside and painted them green to look like the “Heart of Te Fiti.” The kids played with these rocks forever, hiding them and trying to find them again like Moana does.

I cut out a hook and oar out of cardboard as well as 2 flags to make the kids their own boats using laundry baskets. I laid a blue blanket on the ground as the water and this led to hours of imaginative play.

Next we used the magnetic Melissa and Doug Fishing game to fish for certain colored and numbered fish.

We played many, many rounds of this Moana bingo. FREE printable HERE. We use these blue glass gems as the place markers.

This next craft was my sons favorite because he loves Tamatoa the Crab. We painted paper plates yellow for the shell and cut out the arms and legs from scrapbook paper (sturdier but regular construction paper will work fine too.) FREE printable crab pieces HERE. Then they placed on the shell as much shiny sequence as they wanted. They turned out so cute!

Another fun activity we did was “feed the shark.” We have this shark wall decor from my sons room (found at Hobby Lobby) but you could always cut your own shark head out of cardboard or poster board. I then cut out 26 fish from construction paper and wrote each letter of the alphabet on them. I would either call out a letter or letter sound and have them find the correct one and then feed it to the shark OR they would tell me the one they picked before feeding it to the shark. Lots of fun and they don’t realize they are learning and practicing letter recognition. 🙌🏼

This next craft idea is also great for fine motor development! I took a bunch of straws and had my daughter cut them into small pieces. I cut flowers from construction paper and we were ready to make our own flower leis. My daughter had fun stringing on the flowers and straws to create her own “flower necklace.”

Bitty Beginnings has a great Chicka Boom Learning Fun Pack that is all coconut themed! Since Moana’s tribe lives off of coconuts this pack pairs perfectly! It is loaded with games and activities to teach numbers, the alphabet, early handwriting and more.

We also played with our Moana Stuck on Story book and used the pieces in an Orbeez sensory bin.

For a science experiment we built our own little Moana raft out of colored popsicle sticks. We had to test it out to see if it would sink or float. My kids were so excited…it floated!

We of course watched the movie and had lots of fun pretend playing with my daughters Moana Barbie’s etc.

Here are even more great activities and crafts that we didn’t get to:

FREE Moana coloring pages HERE.

Pineapple craft.

Paper plate Kakamora craft.

I hope you enjoyed these Moana themed activities and are able to have fun with your kids doing some!

Have a great rest of your week!

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  1. You GO, Mama! What a super-fun and creative way to make the most of being stuck indoors! No wonder your kids had a blast – you did such a great job coming up with all the activities!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is the BEST post! We definitely have a little Moana-lover in our house! (More if you include me and my husband..haha!) The “Heart of Te Fiti” is such a great idea. Thanks for all the practical, low/no cost activity ideas!

  3. I will absolutely be saving these activities for when my little girl gets into Moana! I am hoping that is soon!

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