This last Friday was my baby boy’s 1st birthday! He LOVES animals, especially dogs so yesterday we had a Puppy PAW-ty!!

I had so much fun with this party theme so wanted to share all the details! Most of everything was DIY or purchased from the Dollar store!

I made the invitations myself using THIS free printable template.

I made the “Let’s PAW-ty” banner out of scrapbook paper. I used black paper and wrote on it with white colored pencil to make it look like chalkboard but without being able to wipe off like regular chalk.

“WOOF” balloons from Party City. All the dog themed party decor (table cloth, and plates) from Oriental Trading or Party City.

Tablecloth, paw print wrapping paper, and the dog bowls are all from the Dollar Store!

Food: For dinner we served Hot DOGS, PAW-tato salad, PAW-sta salad, watermelon and bags of chips. We had various snacks out also: pretzel “FETCH” sticks, PUP-corn (popcorn), and PAW-tato chips and dip.

Cake: My amazing mother and sister made the small dog smash cake, and cupcake PUP-cakes. As well as these meringue dog bones. They all turned out SO cute!

Party favors: Everyone got to “Adopt a puppy” and make it a collar/necklace out of pipe cleaners and beads. (Pipe cleaners and beads from the Dollar store, pack of 12 stuffed dogs HERE.) The kids thought these were super fun! I took a pack of brown paper bags, cut a hole out for the dogs and printed some thank you tags to put on the bags. Each kid got a puppy, a dog ring and lollipops inside their “Doggie Bag.”

Game: This was so fun and hilarious! All the kids lined up and got a bowl of Cocoa Puffs cereal that totally looks like dog food! They had to eat their bowl of dog food without using their hands and whoever finished first wins!

The kids each had their own puppy shirt! My daughters shirt and my sons dog outfits are no longer available but Carter’s has so many new cute ones to choose from HERE.

‘Sup Dog shirt HERE.

And Mom too ☺️ Find my shirt HERE.

It was a great party and we had the best time! Happy 1st Birthday sweet boy!

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