This summer I have been sneaking in some learning activities anywhere I can. At this young age I believe play is most important so I love to make activities where my kids are playing and don’t even realize they are learning.

While my kids were swimming the other day I decided to throw in their foam letters and numbers they usually play with in the bath. It turned into a great learning game!

When I threw all the foam letters and numbers into the pool they had to swim to find one, bring it back to me and tell me what it was. For my 3 year old son this was GREAT alphabet and number recognition practice and my 5 year old, she had to tell me something that letter started with or the number in Spanish.

This was a lot of fun and they asked to play it over and over! šŸ™ŒšŸ¼ They of course even turned it into a race to see who could get the most letters and numbers the quickest. They were spending time outside, exercising by swimming around and not realizing they were learning!

Perfect summer activity- some school in the pool! ā˜€ļø

We got our foam letters from Target HERE. You can also find them on Amazon HERE and HERE.

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