We completed our first week of school and are having so much fun! It has been so nice getting back into our routine.

For the first week of school I like to do an “All About Me” theme. It is simple enough to ease us into our routine and school year. We start with our back to school interviews and All About Me worksheets, that I make into a book. These are so fun to look back on at the end of the year!

For my preschooler this week we have been focusing on recognizing and learning his name. We did 9 different games and activities for learning his name that anyone can do at home.

1) Tracing: My son LOVES tracing and will do it for quite a while. We love these custom name tracing pages from Bitty Beginnings. I printed and laminated it double sided- the opposite side has his first and last name.

2) I also printed each letter of his name with the A-Z Write n’ Wipe Tracing Cards. I mixed them up and he had to put them in the correct order to spell his name and then trace the letters.

3) Clip cards: I wrote my sons name on a piece of cardstock and wrote each letter on a clothespin. He has to clip the correct letter to spell his name. These are great for fine motor practice also!

4) Puzzles: My son also loves puzzles so I wrote his name on 2 of these writing strips. One I left how it is and the other I cut in different patterns to create a puzzle. I mixed them up over and over and he put them together correctly to spell his name.

5) Find your name: I took a large blank piece of paper and wrote down a bunch of names of people in our family plus several of his name. He had to search, find, and circle his own name. This is great for name recognition.

6) Cars: My sons favorite toys are his hot wheels so I knew he would love this one. On a piece of cardstock I wrote his name and put a line between each one, as well as drew a road down the side. Then I wrote the letters of his name on dot stickers and put them each on a small car. He had to drive each car and “park” it in the correct matching spot to spell his name.

7) Post-its: For this activity I put a large piece of paper on our wall and wrote his name. Then I wrote each letter on different post-it notes. He had to find, match, and stick the correct one to spell out his name.

8) Missing letters: Going off of the activity above, I did more post-it notes trying to find the letters that are missing from his name. (Use the original large paper with their name and post-it letters and just flip the paper over and write their name a few times with missing letters on the other side.)

9) Legos: This was super fun to build his name with large Legos! Just write on the Legos with a dry erase marker and have them build their name with the letters.

Nine different and fun activities you can use to help your child learn their name. Most of them are simple to set up with things you already have around the house too. šŸ‘šŸ¼ Switching up between different activities keeps their interest longer and I love hands-on activities, especially for the younger ones.

We will continue to use these activities here and there throughout the year to make sure he knows his name and how to spell it. Even though his name is pretty easy and he knows it now, I’ll probably start having to use his full name…Thaddeus. šŸ˜³šŸ˜Š

If you missed my last post with our homeschool room tour/transformation check it out HERE. It is amazing and we are loving it so far!

Have a great week everyone!

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