Little School of Smith's

Yesterday was our first day of school and it was so nice getting back to our old routine. My daughter was so excited for our first day she could barely contain herself and was ready to go at 5 AM. 😳 We had a special breakfast, did our Breakfast Basket together, and took our annual 1st day photos.

Then it was up to our NEW school room/playroom for the rest of our studies.

This summer we completed a big project that was over 30 years overdue! We turned this small space that had a huge BAR into this small school area.



For a little back history, we co-generationally live with my in laws in a big house on a little over 2 acres in the country. This house has been the family home for close to 40 years! My husband is the youngest of 9 and also homeschooled growing up. Growing up in a large family, that has continued to grow as everyone has gotten married and had kids of their own, there are tons of parties, holidays and great memories here. When my husbands parents were in the process of trying to sell it (they didn’t need all the extra space) we stepped in and bought into it. We are working towards buying them out completely and they will be able to retire. 😊

So with that being said, we know this bar has been here for 35+ years! It has never been used as an actual bar, and was a huge waste of space. My mother-in-law and I were so glad to see it go! While we were out of town my husband began the process and ripped the whole thing out, along with the large cabinet above it.

We had to patch the wall, patch the carpet and paint (many coats of white πŸ™„), but it turned out great and we are so happy with it!

For some details:

I got this Baracoa Collection Rug from Amazon and for only $66! I wanted something I liked but inexpensive so I won’t be upset if the kids are to get markers, paint etc on it. It also is so colorful it hides a lot of stains, traffic, etc.

We added 2 small bookshelves we previously had in other rooms. These hold our Kindergarten In a Box, Preschool Basket, read-alouds & early readers, books for the unit we are working on, and library books.

I got this USA poster from Cavillini prints. The framed print is free from And I’ll be sharing more about our weekly dry erase/magnetic board that I made our weekly subjects for soon.

The opposite wall is my new favorite thing! We added 2 of these floating bookshelves so I can display all our books for the current themed unit we are working on. I also got these large changeable letters they use for sales signs and marquis. They come with tons of letters and numbers (12 of each letter) so that I can use them as a giant letter board. I can display a bible verse we are working on, special quote, or unit title. I’m also excited to use these for spelling practice for my daughter. I will lay a bunch of letters on the table and she will have to use them to spell her spelling words for the week. πŸ‘πŸΌ I also can’t wait to decorate it for all the holidays!

Similar kids table and chairs found HERE.

The other side of this room, which by the way is like a large loft overlooking our kitchen, is the playroom area. It has all the kids toys as well as our large school calendar and other supplies.

Prints by my favorite ThisLoveFilledLife. This globe was actually gifted to me by my grandmother when I was 10 years old (I didn’t think it was so cool back then, but, it’s pretty special now.πŸ₯°) Here is a similar one.

Along the left of this window are large built in desks that line the wall. My mother-in-law homeschooled her 9 children so had these put in. I use it as my desk right now and have all our school supplies up there. For now we just use the small kids table for doing schoolwork, but will definitely use these built in desks as the kids get older. The other side of the room has a large sectional where the kids can watch tv, movies or read. This little “reading corner” has a bookshelf that holds most of our picture books, as well as puzzles at the bottom, and more school supplies at the top.

There you have it! We are loving this new space and fresh start to our school year!

We are very blessed and grateful for this space. You do not need a large space to have an amazing homeschool experience. Of course we also love taking our schoolwork anywhere, it doesn’t always happen in here, but it is nice to have a designated spot for everything.

I hope you have enjoyed this transformation and room tour. We are excited for the amazing school year ahead! ☺️

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