Hi everyone!

My kids love when I do a themed breakfast for them for holidays and I love when it is simple to make.

There are only a few days left in the Easter season so I wanted to share these simple fun breakfast ideas.

My kids, well let’s face it…all kids, love donuts! For special breakfasts and holidays I love to use these Mini Donuts from Little Debbie’s for a special treat. I remember having them as a kid and my kids love them!

These little bunny donuts are so cute! All I did was draw out a bunny ear on cardstock paper (makes it sturdy) and color in the center pink. Just stick them into the side of the donut! I also added mini pink chocolate balls in the center for bunny tails. So easy and too cute!

These chocolate donuts are perfect for Holy Saturday to represent the tomb they placed Jesus in. To help them stand I put them on a graham cracker covered in peanut butter. I used half of an Oreo as the “rock” that closed the tomb. A great visual for those little ones learning the Easter Story all about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I hope these ideas help you to throw together a fun little breakfast for your littles in the next few days leading up to Easter. Pair with some fruit and your kids will be so excited!

Enjoy! 😊

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