Happy Friday friends!

We enjoy doing a 4 day school week and leave Friday’s open for playing catch up on anything, playing extra games/activities again or field trips!

Last Friday we had the pleasure of going on a field trip to a local dairy and milk company, Nutcher Milk Company. Since it was the Friday before Easter a lot of our cousins were available/ in town to join us! These are just some of the cousins and we still looked like a mini school! πŸ˜†

Nutcher Milk Company is a family owned and operated dairy and milk company in Central California. You could easily see their passion for farming and livestock as well as their pride in the quality of their products. They love what they do! It definitely showed as this was the cleanest dairy and most calm, happy cows I have ever seen! I was so impressed!

It was such a great tour and experience for the kids to see and learn where milk comes from. From the cow to the bottle.

This 3rd generation dairy family built their own creamery and bottle their own milk in nostalgic glass bottles. True farm-to-table milk!

Of course the best part of the tour was the milk tasting at the end because they have so many fun flavors that are so good! Orange creamsicle, chocolate, strawberry, root beer, cotton candy and their seasonal flavors pumpkin spice and eggnog!

If you are in the Central California/Stanislaus county area, check them out at your local supermarket and give their milk a try. At least try their fun flavors! My daughter loves the cotton candy and my son loves chocolate. 😊

I love supporting local farmers and family run businesses! Thank you to my sister-in-law and the Nutcher family for setting up this tour!


Below are some fun school/craft activities we did last year when learning about cows:

Cow hats made out of construction paper! My daughter thought it was so fun that I made one too 😊

Learning how to milk a cow! This works and is so fun! Take a plastic glove (you can add black spots for a more cow-like appearance) and poke a hole in the finger(s) tips/ “udders” with a needle. I filled it with water and just a small splash of milk to give it the white color (or you could do a drop of white paint in water.) Grab from the top and squeeze down to get the “milk” out. Great idea from Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten

Count the spots activity page. Draw a line from number to cow with that correct number of spots. Cow Counting Printable

Cow face masks made out of paper plates cut in half. Construction paper nose, horn and ears. They colored spots on themselves ☺️

Have a great weekend everyone! And support your local farmers!! ❀️

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