Happy Weekend! It’s 8 more days till Easter! This week we did so many fun Easter crafts and activities. Next week before Easter Sunday we will focus on Holy Week and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. So this week was all about Easter eggs and bunnies.

This little one got us in the spirit ๐Ÿ˜Š (p.s. these infant pajamas are the SOFTEST ever- find them at here: Full of Smith’s)

We began the week with simple coloring pages and reading lots of Easter books!

We made shaving cream art eggs! Put shaving cream in a tray, squirt paint on top and swirl it around with a toothpick or Q-tip. Then gently place the egg cutout (best to use card stock paper) on top. They turned out so pretty when they dried.

We did TONS of activities and fun games with plastic eggs. Check my post (Easter-Plastic Egg Play) for more details! I share 5 different hands-on activities with plastic eggs!ย Plastic Egg Play

We worked on some counting, beginning sounds and number puzzles from Totschooling.net.ย Free Easter Printables

We made bunnies out of stamping toilet paper rolls. This activity is great for all ages!

Tracing and color by number…

And my favorite, we did a whole day dedicated to one of my favorite books “Too Many Carrots,” by Katy Hudson.

We started by reading the book and some sensory play. (Black beans and carrot shaped eggs from the dollar store)

ย Too Many Carrots

Then we used our carrot printables from Bitty Beginning’s Easter Activity Pack (such a good Pack!) One was tracing different shaped carrots and the other was an alphabet/tracing match. They would pull a carrot out of the “dirt,” match the uppercase to the lowercase and then trace it. Working on those pre-writing skills!

Easter Preschool Activity Pack

Next up we did a simple counting craft and painted some bubble wrap for the dirt texture. These turned out so cute!

More counting activities: I hid a certain number of mini erasers in plastic eggs. My kids had to open one, count how many and create a tower on the correct number.

This next art project was SO cute!! These funky bunny templates are available at teachstarter.com. The FREE printable has bunnies and different types of sunglasses to choose from. This black and white pattern art was so fun, I had to do one too ๐Ÿ˜‰. My daughter wanted to color another one different colors as well.

Funky Bunny Template

We ended our week with a trip to visit the Easter Bunny! My kids were so excited and kept talking about it the whole day, but as soon as we got to him they were freaked out and wanted nothing to do with him! It was quite the traumatic event, especially for my little guy ๐Ÿ˜†. So we took a quick picture and got out of there fast!

We hope you enjoy all these fun Easter activities and find some you can enjoy with your littles this week leading up to Easter! Have a great weekend!

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