Plastic eggs are a big part of the Easter season and my kids love to play with them. So I came up with 5 different ways to utilize plastic eggs for fun hands on learning activities!

This first activity I have done every year and my kids love it. With a sharpie I wrote an upper case letter and a lower case letter on the 2 separate pieces of the plastic eggs. Break them all apart and it is a puzzle to match the correct upper and lower case alphabet letter to put the egg back together! Helps with letter recognition and is a long lasting game! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

My daughter is learning to read so these word family eggs were a hit! With a sharpie I wrote the ending of a word family (-at, -ad, -en, -it, -in, -op, -on, -un) on one side and on the opposite side I wrote different letters (that make up a word) vertically. Twist the egg to read each new word! Easy way to make reading word families more fun!

Later I even added a jellybean or M&M candy inside so once she completed reading all the words she could open the egg and eat the treat 😊

And of course a game for counting. In each egg I placed a certain number of egg shaped erasers (from the Target dollar spot.) My kids would pick an egg, open it up, count the number of eraser eggs and then find the correct number to trace. They loved this because the element of surprise every time they got to pick and open a new egg!

Printable from Bitty Beginnings Easter Activity Pack. Easter Preschool Pack

And of course we had to take the plastic eggs outside and play some games!

First we did relay races balancing the eggs on different kinds of kitchen utensils. We used a ladle, large spoon, tongs and a flat ice cream scoop. Each utensil got harder to balance the egg. This was great for fine motor practice, concentration and patience πŸ˜†

And finally, but of course everyone’s (my nephews were over for this) favorite, is the game Rob the Nest. I don’t know if anyone remembers playing this when they were little, but I do!

I set up a “nest” for each of them in four corners of the yard. Usually you use a hula hoop as your “nest” but we just used small orange cones. Then they each got 5 plastic eggs for their “nest.” I set a timer on my phone for 1 1/2 minutes. When the timer starts you have to run to another “nest” and grab an egg to bring back to your own. You may only grab one egg at a time! Then continue on grabbing eggs (one at a time!) from anyone’s “nest” and bringing back to yours until the timer runs out. When time was up they counted the eggs in their “nest” and whoever has the most wins!

They had SO much fun with this game and asked to play it again and again. Great exercise! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

You can play with any number of kids, but if you don’t have enough you and your husband can jump in to play too! Your kids will think it is so much fun for you to play…and you won’t have to go to the gym πŸ˜‰ (it is a workout!)

I hope you enjoy some of these activities with plastic eggs to do with your little ones the rest of this Easter season. Have a great week!

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