Happy Spring! It is finally getting warmer here in California and we are loving it. We have been spending most of our days playing outside as much as we can.

This week for school we learned all about Spring! To start the week off I set up the kids table and chairs outside to do our school work. The change of scenery and being outdoors made school work way more exciting. Everyone was in a good mood and we were so productive! 🙌🏼

We made these beautiful cherry blossom trees! I drew a tree trunk and limbs and had my daughter color it in. Then she stamped a bunch of Q-tips (held together with a rubber band) in pink paint to look like blossoms. I love the way it turned out! We might have to do one for each season 😉

We worked on some handwriting, math and alphabetical order with these fun printables.

Tracing cards are from Bitty Beginnings (Spring Tracing Flash Cards) and rainbow printable and alphabet flower pots are from Lets Play School. (Lets Play School-Etsy)

We made Daisies with play-doh and Q-tips. This is a great fine motor activity for all ages!

Another great activity for fine motor practice was these flowers and beads. They had to put the correct number of beads on the pipe cleaner stem of each flower.

We made these cute flowers by tracing their hands and adding them to green pipe cleaners. These are super cute as gifts!

My son is learning his letters so we are always doing this activity. I call out a letter and he has to find it and cover it up with a tulip eraser (from the Target dollar spot.) This activity is great for anytime, any themed unit or holiday!

We made 3D flowers with construction paper. I cut construction paper into strips and the kids glued them together in a center point to make a circle. Take the end of each strip and fold it over and glue it in the middle. Add a yellow circle for the center to finish it 🌸 I love how these turn out!

Another art activity that we did was tulip stamping. You could use a potato or an apple to stamp with.

My kids LOVE using watercolor paint and droppers so we made flowers with coffee filters to decorate our windows. I love the colors and it is so pretty when the sun shines through.

My son is learning how to spell his name so we made this tulip garden activity.

Pattern printable from thekindergartenconnection.com.

The weather this week was perfect for spring! It was sunny for half and raining the other half. I kept joking with my kids that I ordered the perfect weather 😉

We did these great rain activities from Lets Play School. We practiced handwriting, spelling our sight words with raindrops, and learning number words with puddles. I would call out a number and they would jump to the correct number word puddle.

Then I put my fun Mom pants on and said we were going outside to jump in real puddles! 😆 Even though I knew it would be so much work to get them all bundled up, they would get soaking wet and only play in the rain for 10 minutes, I decided to let them and I’m so glad I did. They had so much fun and talked about it the rest of the day! Just seeing the joy on their faces made all the work worthwhile. Making great memories with the simplest things!

We hope you are getting warmer weather where you are at and are enjoying time outside!

Happy Spring! 🌸

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