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If you follow me on my Instagram then you know we are having a crazy few weeks of moving into a new house and birthdays, plus much more! Even though I am busy enough I still had to share this post with you I’ve been saving all year!

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and begins National Reading Across America Week. We love Dr. Seuss books!

Last year I planned a fun, FULL week celebrating a favorite Dr. Seuss book each day! Each day I chose a different book and paired it with activities, games, and/or crafts.

I saved all my photos and ideas to share with you and hope you enjoy doing some of these next week as well!

Green Eggs and Ham

– Sight Word Egg Flip: I cut out egg shapes with white craft foam and glued green circles on top, writing our sight words on each one. My daughter used a spatula to read each one, scoop up the egg, and place it in the frying pan.

– Green Egg Art: On a piece of white paper draw a bunch of flat egg shapes with a black marker. We used the end of a cork to stamp into green paint and add to the middle of each egg shape. (Photo above)

– Puzzle/ Rhyme Eggs: Using green construction paper I cut out a bunch of oval egg shapes. Cut them in half using different types of patters (zig zag, straight, curved, etc.) On the top and bottom of each I added 2 simple words that rhyme. My daughter matched the top and bottom of each egg with the correct rhyming words like a puzzle. (Photo above)

The Cat In The Hat

– Cat in the Hat Face Craft: Make a Cat in the Hat out of a paper plate and construction paper. Color or paint the edges of the paper plate black and draw on a cat face. Using construction paper cut stripes of red paper and a rectangle of white. Add the red stripes on top of the white to create the hat pattern.

– Stacking “Cat’s Hat:” Using red paper cups (I got smaller ones from the dollar store rather than large solo cups) and white index cards have your child stack them using the pattern- red cup, card, red cup, card, etc. to look like Cat’s hat. This is a great STEM/ fine motor activity. They loved to see how high they could make his hat before it fell over.

– Thing Blow Art: On a piece of white paper (cardstock paper is better because it is thicker) draw a simple head of Thing 1 or 2. Have them color their shirt red. Using a dropper, add a few drops of blue liquid water color above the head. Use a straw to blow the color up, creating the crazy blue hair.

-Rhyme Time: HERE is a great printable to practice cutting and pasting, as well as working on rhyming words.

Hop On Pop

– Type up sight words you are working on onto yellow paper and cut out in the shape of popcorn. I laid them out on the floor and had my daughter read the word and pick it up with small tongs (found at dollar store or Walmart) and put them in a popcorn bowl. I also found popcorn sight word printables you can print out HERE.

– Bubble Wrap Hop: Cut squares of bubble wrap and tape them in a path on the floor. We jumped from square to square and listened to the fun popping sound. Kids favorite of course!

– Hop on Pop Drawing: I found a picture of Pop lying down on google images, cut it out, and added it to the bottom of a white piece of paper. My daughter had to color and draw a picture of herself hopping on Pop’s belly.

The Lorax

– Truffula Tree Craft: We cut out the center of a paper plate and colored it, as well as colored a large popsicle-stick. Then using small squares of tissue paper (any color you want) place one at a time at the end of a pencil. Dip it into glue and then onto the circle. Do this multiple times until the entire circle is covered.

– Truffula Tree Word Families: For this activity I used a long roll of white paper and construction paper. I cut out different colored circles and then made the cut outs to get the spiral effect. On each one I wrote the end of a word family (example: -at, -og, -ad, -et, -it.) Take more construction paper and cut a bunch of small strips. On these strips write words for each word family and place them in a bowl. My daughter then picked a piece of paper from the bowl and glued it to the correct Truffula tree to create the stem.

– Lorax Mustaches: Use THIS printable to print out these Lorax mustaches (This website also had a lot of great Lorax coloring pages you can print as well.) We used orange and yellow Kwik Stix to color them, but you can use anything you wish. Cut out, add some elastic, and put them on! The kids thought these were so funny!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

– Draw/Fill Out page: This was just a simple page I created myself and loved to save as a keepsake. Just divide the paper into 4 sections and add each question. They can draw a picture or write their answer.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

– Alphabet Fishing: Cut out a bunch of fish shapes using construction paper and add upper or lower case letters (or even sight words or number problems) to each. Then put a paper clip on each. We used our Melissa and Doug Fishing Game set to “catch” fish and identify the letter and it’s sound on each. You can also just use a stick and a magnet tied to the end of a string as a fishing pole.

Of course before each of the activities we we read the book first. When we were done we also watched some of the movies like The Lorax, or Cat in the Hat cartoons on PBS kids.

I hope you have a great week full of fun times reading and spending time together!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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