Happy Easter!! I hope you all had a great Easter celebrating the Resurrection and spending time with your loved ones!

This past week we had a great time learning all about the Easter Story. I wanted to do something simple with my kids that would help them understand parts of the story better. Each day we read part of the story and did a simple craft with our handprint or footprint, as well as some coloring pages and other simple activities.

Keeping the lessons very simple and doing these crafts was the best decision. My daughter really grasped the story this year and probably knows more about the Easter story than I did at her age. 😊

I wanted to put a blog post together of all our crafts for you to save and do with your families next year!

Palm Sunday:

Handprint palm leaves and footprint donkey. Also made handprint palms by tracing their hands and gluing on cardboard. Turned out so cute!

Holy Monday:

Jesus Cleanses the Temple. Made handprints for the table and we used a cork to stamp “coins” everywhere.

Holy Tuesday:

We learned about the washing of the disciples feet by Jesus. We painted our footprints and used a potato smasher to make it look like water on top.

We also washed each other’s feet. This simple activity was so powerful in their understanding and so sweet to watch!

Holy Wednesday:

We learned about the Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. We painted our handprints and used a cork to stamp the “coins” again.

Holy Thursday:

We did 2 on this day…one for the Last Supper and one for the Garden of Gethsemane.

For the Last Supper we painted the side of our hands (balled into a fist) for the chalice cup. For the garden we painted our handprint and used the end of a pencil to stamp flowers.

Good Friday:

For the Crucifixion we glued down a craft paper cross and painted our handprint. So simple yet so meaningful.

Holy Saturday/Easter Sunday: We finished both the laying of Jesus’ body in the tomb for Holy Saturday and the angel that proclaimed he had risen for Easter Sunday together. They turned out so cute! ✝️

These simple crafts were a lot of fun to make together. Spreading them out and doing one a day helped to talk about each part in the Easter Story in depth. As we finished each one we hung them on our mantel. By Easter Sunday the mantel was full of the Easter Story! I loved having it out on display for family and friends and my daughter was so proud, explaining each one to everyone. 😊 Now that Easter is over I plan to laminate each page and put them together in a book that we can pull out each year and enjoy.

One other craft that we made during Holy Week, which is my FAVORITE, were these paper plate paintings. On Wednesday’s my nephews come over and join our school activities so I had all the kids make these together. They turned out so beautiful! (You can see them on our mantel as well ☺️)

Along with all these crafts we also did some other activities. We love our  Resurrection Eggs and do them every year. We like to open one egg a day leading up to Easter.

We also love our Bitty Beginnings Easter Preschool pack that has a ton of activities for the Easter story as well as Easter bunnies, etc. This sensory bin was a big hit with my kids and they played with it again and again throughout the week, even using the pieces to act out the story.

I found this GREAT emergent reader mini book for my daughter all about Holy Week. Holy Week Emergent Reader

We also did this sequence of the Easter Story. Colored the pictures, cut out the pieces, and put them together in order, in the shape of a cross. Sequence worksheet

All the great books we used this week (and can see in some photos) are Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones (our favorite that we pull out all the time), Easter Is Coming! by Tama Fortner, and The Story of Easter by Helen Dardik.

Thank you so much for checking out all the fun we had this week. With these simple activities I feel like my children really understand the true meaning of Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you enjoyed these ideas please be sure to subscribe to my blog with your email and I will be sure to send this link when we get closer to Holy Week again next year.

I hope you all had a great Easter!

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! He Is Risen! 💕

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