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Easter is almost here and I just finished gathering everything for my kids Easter baskets! Gift giving is one of my love languages, so I love to find fun, meaningful, and useful gifts. When shopping for Easter baskets, and stocking stuffers at Christmas, I try to be intentional with getting things that my kids need, will use for spring/summer, or great books/games to add to our home.


My biggest tip- stay clear away from the “Easter” section in Target, Walmart, and the Dollar store. They are great for a few pieces of candy, but all the small toys are overpriced and usually wind up as clutter.

Each year I keep it simple and get my kids a few of the same things or within the same category. Books, summer shoes, something creative, new small game, pjs or swimsuit, new water bottle, and a few pieces of candy. It’s easy to shop for and are things we will keep/use longterm.

Personalized Easter Baskets

This year I am getting rid of all our large Easter baskets and saving myself SO much storage! These baskets are so cute, personalized, and collapsible! I also love that they are deeper baskets that will be much more useful for Easter egg hunting (keeps the eggs from falling out if tipped over.)

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If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know my love for books! Easter baskets are a great time to add to your Easter holiday book collection or some other great series. Last year each of my kids got a version of the Bible and they love them! Here are some of my favorite books to put in Easter baskets:

The Action Bible: Bible stories in a comic book format. My son loves this one!

My Own Keepsake Bible: My daughter has this one and loves the simple text and ability to color the pictures.

Learning God’s Story Bible Reader: We use this for school for my 1st grader. He loves that he can read the Bible stories and color the pictures. It is great for reading practice.

Catechist Books: These books are my favorite! I’ve been adding a new one to my youngest’s Easter basket each year to build our collection. We have the We Believe Alphabet Primer, Pslam 23, and First Bible Basics.

Easter Books: We have lots of favorite Easter books. Sharing a post of all our favorites tomorrow as well as where I find many of them second hand for great prices!

Book series: For older kids, I love to add a new chapter book from their favorite series. Check out my posts on Beginner Chapter Books for Boys and Beginner Chapter Books for Girls for some of our favorites.

Book light: My kids got these in their stockings at Christmas so they can stay up to read a little longer at night. They would be a great Easter basket gift too!


We love to play games as a family and are building quite the collection. These are some of our favorite games that are small enough for Easter basket fillers!


I love to add something creative for my kids in their Easter baskets. This year they are getting these Bible sticker books that I know they will love and will be great for read aloud time. My youngest loves the reusable stickers while we are in church. Here are some other ideas for creativity and exploring:

Melissa & Doug Wooden Craft Kit- Girls

Mythical Creatures Drawing Game– My son got this for his birthday and loves it! You can play independently or with others. Gather 5 cards of different animals, animal features, & habitats to guide you in drawing a mythical creature.

Mini Playdough Kits– Each of my kids got their own mini playdough kit last year and they love them! I love that it has its own container for everything to go in, making clean up easy, and it’s great to take on vacation.

PJ’s, Shoes, & other Needs

Every year my kids get a new swimsuit or pair of pajamas, and a new pair of spring/summer shoes. Usually they are an inexpensive pair of flip flops or my favorite water shoes from Target (shared below.)

Holy Pals Pajamas– They got new swimsuits at the end of the season last year (thanks clearance!) so got new pajamas this year instead. This company makes the cutest pajamas with Biblical references or stories. These are part of their Easter collection depicting the Resurrection story. I love them so much! *They are a slim fit so I order one size up and my kids will be able to wear them for 2 years! 🙌🏼

Favorite water shoes! We have gotten these for 2 years now and love them for the warmer months!

Frozen Magic Cups– My son got these for his birthday and they actually work! Freeze the cup, pour in your beverage of choice, and squeeze the cup for 30 seconds or so. Instantly makes a slushy and my kids are obsessed! This would be a great Easter basket gift and they come in many different colors.

Water bottles– our favorite to take to extra curricular activities.

Small Toys

I love to add a simple small toy to their basket also. If you have multiple kids I love to get a pack of items and split them up to save money; example- walkie talkies, or small figures. Last year I bought the Encanto figure set and split the characters among my kids in different Easter eggs. They loved seeing who had what and they play with them all together anyway.

Beyblade’s– this generations version of a top 😆

Mini backpack for my daughters dolls that also has 6 surprises inside

Religious Items

These are some of my favorite Christ centered small shops that have so many great items for Easter baskets. I’m only sharing a few, but definitely check out their shops for more great ideas.

Gather and Pray

Rosary Pop It– This has been so great to keep little hands busy when we do the rosary together!

Water Reveal Cards– also great for taking to church!

Last but not least, dying eggs is not my favorite activity! Never has been. However, last year we tried this Egg- Mazing and it was a lot of fun! My kids loved decorating & designing the eggs with markers, and so did I! We will definitely be doing this from now on!

I hope this post was helpful and gave you some great ideas. Not everyone does Easter baskets and that’s ok! Do what works best for your family and on the budget you have! They don’t have to be elaborate or over the top, the kids are excited no matter what. Plus, it is really about celebrating the hope and joy of Jesus’ resurrection ♥️

If you have any favorite things your kids have loved in their Easter basket, please share them in the comments below!

Easter Blessings,

– Lindsay

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