Beginning Reader Chapter Books for Girls

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Hi there!

Today I’m sharing a TON of beginning reader chapter books, most of which are series with multiple books to read.

My daughter, who is 6.5 years old, is a very advanced reader and recently picked out a chapter book at our local library. She was so excited to read it, saying she felt like a big kid. She quickly read it and was eager for more. So I began the search, found lots of great ones, and wanted to share.

Most of these are geared for girls, but some are great for everyone. To see books more specifically for boys, check out my other blog post HERE. I also love to look at the inside of a book to get a feel of the difficulty level and if it will overwhelm her or not. That is hard to do online, or even unavailable sometimes, so I also have an inside look at every book below so you can see too.

Click the title of each book if you wish to read a synopsis of what it’s about or read reviews. Most of these books have multiple titles in their series, so be sure to check them all out!

1) The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale & Dean Hale

The Princess in Black Collection

2) The Adventures of Sophie Mouse: A New Friend (Book 1) by Poppy Green

The Adventures of Sophie Mouse Collection

3) Mercy Watson To the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo

Mercy Watson Collection

4) Days With Frog & Toad by Arnold Lobel

Frog & Toad Collection

5) Katie Woo Celebrates by Fran Manushkin

Katie Woo Collection

6) Penny & Her Marble by Kevin Henkes

Penny & Her Doll, Penny & Her Song, Penny & Her Sled

7) The Critter Club: Amy & the Missing Puppy (Book #1) by Callie Barkley

The Critter Club Collection

8) Wellie Wishers: Ashlyn’s Unsurprise Party by Valerie Tripp -American Girl

Wellie Wisher Collection

9) Zoey and Sassafras: Dragons and Marshmallows (Book #1) by Asia Citro

Zoey and Sassafras Collection

10) Sue In All Seasons by Jennifer D. Lerud (The Good and the Beautiful Library)

—There are a ton of great books in The Good and Beautiful Library. For this age/level check out books in Level 1B and 2.

11) The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Book 1 The Beginning by M.J. Thomas

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5, Book 6, Book 7, Book 8

12) Magic Animal Rescue: Maggie and the Unicorn by E.D. Baker

Magic Animal Rescue Collection

13) Mermaids to the Rescue: Cali Plays Fair by Lisa Ann Scott

Mermaids to the Rescue Collection

14) Anna & Elsa Sisterhood is the Strongest Magic Books by Erica David

15) Disney Before the Story Books by Tessa Roehl

Cinderella Takes the Stage, Mulan’s Secret Plan, Elsa’s Icy Rescue, Pocahontas Leads the Way, Anna Finds a Friend, and others

16) Rainbow Magic Fairies: Mae the Panda Fairy by Daisy Meadows

Rainbow Magic Fairies Collection

17) The Magic Treehouse: Dinosaurs Before Dark (Book #1) by Mary Pope Osborne

The Magic Treehouse Collection

18) Little Bear by Elsa Minarik

Little Bear Book Set

There are so many great books out there! I hope you’re able to find some great books for your kids! If you know of any other great books or series, please mention them in the comments below!

Happy Reading!

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  1. What a great and thorough list! Funny because on my blog today I was chatting about our favorite chapter books to read aloud. My daughter is slightly younger (5.5) so I think she’ll need this list for solo reading in a year or so!

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