“Time with Jesus:” Bible Studies (for ages 2-8 years)

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This year we are starting a special “Time with Jesus” after our morning time each day, and I’m really excited about it. I think this will be so great in helping my children develop their own personal faith life and relationship with the Lord.

Each morning, after our morning time together, I will set a timer for 15 minutes. We will each go our separate ways, find a comfy spot in the house, and spend this time alone reading our bibles and praying, even my toddlers!

So today I’m going to share with you the simple resources that each of us will use as we try out this “Time with Jesus.”

Although I have tried many times, I have come to terms that I am just not a morning person. I don’t get up before my kids and have that Bible/reading time to myself. I usually have to find ways to squeeze it into my days, but will now use this time to also read my Bible. I think it is so important for your children to see you spending time in the word, and to help set a good example.

This year I started following along with The Bible Recap reading plan and listening to the short podcast afterwards. I love it! It has been so nice to dig deeper into what I’m reading, hear more explanation about certain things, or different interpretations from someone else.

I also read a quick daily devotional for motherhood (Mom Heart Moments by Sally Clarkson), and homeschooling (A Gracious Space series by Julie Bogart.)

For my 8 year old daughter, she will spend time reading and coloring in this “My Own Keepsake Bible.” This has Bible stories from the Old & New Testaments that are presented in a narrative children can understand. It has bigger print and 95 illustrations for them to color. The back also has pages to teach the Books of the Bible, a place to write favorite Bible verses and a notes page.

My 6 year old son will spend this time working his way through the Learning God’s Story Bible Reader from My Father’s World. This book has easy-to-read Bible stories that span from Genesis to Revelation. The stories are written with short, simple sentences perfect for beginning readers and also have black and white illustrations that he can color.

My almost 4 year old has his own basket of special books to look through during this time. These simple Seek & Find Old Testament and New Testament books based around Bible stories are perfect for him to look through on his own. (They are his favorite.)

I LOVE all the Baby Believer books from Catechesis Books and we have a few in his basket. They have so many great books teaching important Biblical content through manageable concepts for little ones such as numbers, letters, shapes, emotions, etc.

He can spend this time looking through these books or quietly playing while listening to the Jesus Storybook Bible on our Yoto player. We have read through the Jesus Storybook Bible 3 times and it never gets old, it is the best! I found the read aloud version of each story on YouTube and will copy them onto the Make Your Own Cards for the Yoto Player.

This player is SO easy for little ones to use. He can easily stick a card into the top and it will start to play for him. Pull it out and it stops, stick it back in & it will pick up where it left off. Only 2 buttons help to change the story or the volume. (*Use this link to get 10% of your first purchase!)

*More info on how to use the Make Your Own Cards HERE.

One day per week, for each of my older 2 kids, I’ll also use this time to do their Bible studies with them. We enjoy the Faith and Life Series by Ignatius Press. My daughter will be using Grade 3 Our Life with Jesus and my son will be using Grade 1 Our Heavenly Father.

Each study has a student textbook and an activity book. The student textbook is easy for them to read on their own, but we usually read it together and then they complete and answer some questions in the activity book about what they read.

Grade 1: Our Heavenly Father
Grade 3: Our Life with Jesus

I’m sure my toddler will be be running around while we complete our “Time with Jesus,” but he is getting better about playing quietly on his own if I set him up with a few toys. As he gets a little older throughout the year, I’m sure he will join my 4 year old and look through the books in his basket too.

We will start this “Time with Jesus” with just 15 minutes for now and hopefully be able to push it to 30 minutes by the end of the year. I will encourage my kids to try to read one of their Bible stories each day and then they can do some coloring, but in the end it is totally up to them.

When the timer goes off, we will continue our day with morning chores (getting ready for the day, making their bed, tidying their room) and play a bit before beginning our core lessons for the day.

I’m excited to give this a try and hopefully carry it through till they are older. I pray that it is impactful and helps them to learn some independence in keeping the Lord a priority in their daily lives. 😊

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  1. I have been using Ignatius Press too, as well as the New Catholic Picture Bible, they are all beautiful resources recommended in the Catholic Heritage Curricula. Im also using a little of the Baltimore Catechism as an extra, especially as we enter the First Communion year. I love the idea of spending quiet Bible time in the morning, and the color-in Bible you mentioned is adorable! Love all that you are doing 🙂

  2. I love theee ideas! My kids are the same age and I’m going to use these ideas. My daughter got a yoto player for Christmas, but I can find any biblical podcast options. Can you tell me how you put the Jesus story book bible you tube read aloud on them he make your own card?

  3. Hi! Yes I’d love to also find out how you got the Jesus Story book on Yoto. I haven’t been able to find Christian content for my nieces and nephews’ yoto player either. It would be so valuable for them! Thanks!

    1. It is a little hard to explain written out, but if you go to my Instagram reels, I made a reel with the step by step instructions on how to do it. If you can’t find the reel just send me a message on there and I’ll send it to you directly 😊

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