Curriculum Picks 2022-2023: 1st & 3rd Grade

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I can’t believe we will be going into our 6th year of homeschooling! All our curriculum for next year is here and I’m getting so excited for all the new things we will learn.

I try to have everything ordered for the next school year by the end of May so I can have the summer to look through everything and get an idea of how to plan out our year.

Today I’m sharing all the curriculum we will be using for 3rd and 1st grade!

I’m sharing these together since they are using the same curriculum across the board, just different grade levels. If you missed my previous post about curriculum for preschool and morning time, check it out HERE.

Language Arts

The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Level 1.

We have used this language arts program from the very beginning and love it. It is a FULL open and go curriculum with phonics, reading, vocabulary, grammar, writing, spelling, poetry, art, and geography all in one. This curriculum comes with everything you need!

We are using the Brave Writer DART program for my 3rd grader. We were using The Good and the Beautiful for her, but decided to switch as we got into the school year. She LOVES this new program! You can read about why we decided to switch and what this program is all about HERE.

Explode the Code Book 6 (3rd grader) and Book 2 (1st grader.)

My kids love these workbooks and do one page each day for independent work. They are great extra practice in phonics, grammar, and spelling. They are very simple and self explanatory, so I do not get the teachers guide to go with them.

Daily Journal

Each day I leave my 3rd grader a fun question to answer in a blank journal. We started this last year and loved it, so will continue this year. I don’t correct her answer, spelling, punctuation, or anything else. It is a great warm up just for fun, to get her to spell words out on her own, and learn to get her thoughts down onto paper. Grab this FREE list of journal questions you can use HERE.


The Good and the Beautiful Simple Math Level 3 and Level 1.

Out of all our curriculum, this is by far my favorite! It is hands on, colorful, and SO fun. Math has become my kids favorite subject because of this curriculum. The lessons are simple and quick, with some independent work and games. It has its own simple box of manipulatives that are easy to take anywhere to complete schoolwork.

Musical Multiplication

My daughter will be learning all about multiplication facts this year so I also have this Musical Multiplication Set, from the Good and the Beautiful, that I have heard amazing reviews about.


The Good and The Beautiful Handwriting Level 3 and Level 1.

Both kids will continue their next level in handwriting with the Good and the Beautiful. We have tried many different handwriting curriculums, but they like these workbooks because the lessons are broken up with fun puzzles, mazes, drawing, and coloring. They both complete one page each day for independent work.

Building Writers Book C (for my 3rd grader) and Book A (for my 1st grader.)

I really love these writing books by Learning without Tears. They are a great for working on the structure and flow of writing. I feel they are a little advanced for the suggested grade level, so both of my kids use the level “below” their current grade. I like that it is a little easier for them so they don’t get frustrated writing, learn to enjoy it, and get a good solid foundation.


Around the World with Picture Books Part 1 and Part 2 (from Beautiful Feet Books.)

Around the World with Picture Books is the main curriculum we will be using for history, geography, science, art, and music. We will be using Part 1 and Part 2 to learn about 2 countries each month. For each country we will learn about the culture, landscape, famous landmarks, and significant history. We will incorporate it into art projects and music studies. Check out my blog post HERE on how we will be using this curriculum and many great reference books to go with it. *I only purchased the teachers guide and not the full book sets. I like to utilize my library as much as possible. If I can’t find it at the library, I’ll also check out if it has a read aloud option on YouTube. You can grab just the teacher guide HERE for Part 1, and HERE for Part 2.

After we have been learning about each country I’m sharing ALL the books, crafts, experiments, etc. that we used and loved on my blog also! Start reading them HERE.


Living Encyclopedia

For science I am not using a physical curriculum, but plan to create our own studies about the biomes, habitats, and animals of the country we are learning about. We will be learning all about rainforests, grasslands, deserts, and mountain ranges and will create a diorama of each biome we learn about. I will mostly be using the Usborne Living World Encyclopedia as my core and working off the contents.

Sharing all our biome studies on my blog as well. Start reading them HERE.

Daily Science Questions (Evan Moore) Level 1 and Level 3

My kids love science and are always asking for more so I also got them each these Daily Science workbooks for their grade level. We used the Daily Geography book last year and loved it. Each week they are given a new question and throughout the week they learn about and answer the question. It is so simple, they only answer 2-3 questions each day so it is quick and great for independent work.


For my 1st grader, he uses Dash Into Learning early readers and Little Angel Readers from Stone Tablet Press.

I have used Dash readers for years to teach my kids to read and we love them so much! The activity packs that go with them are so fun to practice the concepts they are working on. Use code SMITH20 for 20% off your order.

My 3rd grade daughter is a very advanced reader and is required to read for a certain amount of time each day. I’ll be choosing chapter books based on the country we will be learning about for her to read. I’m sharing these throughout the year on my Instagram and will share our favorites in a blog post later.


Slow Down by A Year of Learning

Slow Down book by Rachel Williams

This fall I am starting a simple nature group with some fellow homeschool families. We will meet every other week and use this curriculum to pick a topic to study and a book to read. For each meeting my idea is to read a picture book, tell them a few facts, do a tutorial drawing of the topic in a nature notebook, and then let them explore. After our time together (when they are at home) they can choose to label their drawing or write a few sentences on more facts they learned on the topic. If they bring it back to our next meeting they will be rewarded with a small prize (stickers, fun pencils, etc.) I’m excited for my kids to get an idea about deadlines and have the initiative to complete more on their own, as well as be rewarded for that hard work. I think it will also be a great lesson in procrastination too haha.

That is everything we plan to use next year, not including our morning time and Bible studies. You can read all about our morning time HERE and later this week I’ll be sharing a blog post of our Bible studies. I will also be sharing (next week) how we complete ALL this schoolwork into one school week…plus extra resources, reference books, and how I’m planning to use Around the World with Picture Books.

Our year is going to be simple, fun, and full of new discoveries. We are so excited for another year of learning together and making beautiful memories.

Here is everything we are using this next year for quick reference:

3rd grade-

1st grade-

**The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts course is all you need for a full Language Arts program. I like to include Explode the Code for more phonics practice and Building Writers to help build a stronger foundation for writing. These are extras and do not have to be done, but my kids love them and I love the extra practice. If you’re child doesn’t like it or you feel it is too much bookwork for them, not using it is totally fine!

Check out this blog post on how we complete all this curriculum within a school day/week HERE.

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  1. I love this! We are using TGTB as well for Math and LA and adding a few more things! I like your building writers suggestion! I might use that next year too and also add in the Evan more science!

  2. My 2 youngest daughters absolutely love TGTB for LA and math, too! We also enjoy Dash Into Learning, especially combined with the printables. Do you ever buy any of the TGTB library books for your kids? Do they enjoy them?

  3. Love love this!! Thanks for sharing. I will have a K and 2nd grader – I love your recommendations for independent work In particular since there’s a two year old in the mix too, and it’ll be my first year with both my older kids as the K student went to a preschool last year. I have eyed up BF books for forever, excited to see how you use it!

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