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For the next week I’ll be sharing all our curriculum choices for the 2022-2023 school year! First up, I’m sharing what we are using for our morning time and preschool.

Every morning we start our day by gathering around the dining table with some breakfast and doing our morning time routine. I like to keep it very short and simple for my younger children. While they eat I read to them, and then we discuss what we read or maybe have a handwriting/coloring page, and that’s it. Simple and quick at this stage in life.

This year we will be reading through the Gospel Storybook Bible by Marty Machowski. Each morning we will read a story from this book that cover Bible stories from the New and Old Testament (contains 156 stories.) At the end of each story are a few discussion questions we will chat about together. I love that the stories are short (only 2 pages each) and it has beautiful graphics for the kids to look at.

We are also using A Year of Tales Preschool with Peter Rabbit for morning time and I’m so excited. Most of this curriculum is for my preschooler, but all my kids love the Peter Rabbit stories. I want them all to learn about the character traits and Bible verses that go with each story. Each week we will read a Beatrix Potter story together, discuss the character trait, and memorize the Bible verse.

My preschooler will take the lessons a little further using the rest of the curriculum to learn his alphabet, simple phonics and math concepts, and some nature/science studies. There are great printables for coloring, labeling, handwriting, and more.

This year we will also be learning more about the Saints. We are using Saints and Seasons of the Liturgical Year from Catholic Heritage Curricula. We won’t use this everyday, but will have our calendar that we create at the beginning of each month and will read the story about each Saint on their particular feast day during our morning time. There are also some great projects and a simple Saint quiz at the end of each month.

We will read from the Stories of the Saints by Carey Wallace for each Saint and use Catholic Saints for Children for a prayer on each Saint.

Once we are done with our morning time each day, we clean up our breakfast mess and break from each other to do our “Time with Jesus.” This is when we spend our own time in Bible studies, reading, and praying. I’ll share another blog post all about this and the resources I use for each age level, including my toddlers.


I mentioned we will be using A Year if Tales with Peter Rabbit for preschool, but for my son’s core curriculum we will also be using the Preschool Course from the Good and the Beautiful. This will be my 3rd time using this program and it is my FAVORITE! It is so well done, full of color, hands on learning, and thorough. Each of my kids have loved it and I’m excited to use it again. We will be doing one lesson everyday together, which only takes around 15 minutes.

He also will use the Doodles & Pre-Writing for Littles book from the Good and the Beautiful to practice good pencil grip and fine motor skills for writing. These are free for him to do whenever he wants, usually while I’m working with my older kids he will do a few pages at a time. (I like to buy the PDF version of these so I can print him another set if he goes through it quickly.)

These are my favorite books for preschool that I have used for years. We love to look at the Big Book of ABC’s for beginning sounds, I love to read an Alpha Tales story on what alphabet letter we are working on. And the Poke-A-Dot Alphabet Eye Spy book is fun and great for letter recognition practice.

My son also has a Learning Toolbox Busy Binder from The Five Girl Schoolhouse that he uses while I work with my big kids. We have the Farm Set and it is full of great puzzles and matching to work on many different preschool concepts (shapes, colors, letters, etc.) *This is a PDF download, so there is a little prep work in printing, laminating, and using velcro dots so it is useable over and over.

**Be sure to print these FREE magnatiles alphabet and number cards from the Magnatiles website! My kids love them and they are great practice, or to keep them busy while working with older kids. (2023 Update: Not sure if Magnatiles offers the free alphabet building cards anymore. HERE is another option that is similar.)

A quick recap for reference on what we are using for Morning Time & Preschool:

Morning Time-


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