This is our last week of school and we are so excited for summer!! We don’t homeschool year round, but are always learning and adventuring together. I will be sharing more soon about our summer plans for keeping concepts and reading fresh.

At the beginning of the school year we always start it off by writing down my kids favorite things and doing some sort of “About Me” project. So at the end of the school year I wanted to do a similar project. This year I had my daughter draw a self portrait and color and fill out a pair of sunglasses.

Little School of Smith’s- end of year project

Since she is only 5, inside the lenses of the sunglasses I had her draw what she wanted to do this summer or what she was most looking forward to doing. She said planting flowers and going to our beach house and the beach.

Little School of Smith’s- end of year project

Little School of Smith’s- end of year project

When she gets older I hope to turn this into a writing project and have her write in one lens her thoughts on the past school year and in the other lens what she looks forward to in the following school year. It will be a great project to reflect on the past school year and look ahead/get excited about the upcoming school year.

This is such a great project that can grow with your child. I hope to do this every year at the end of our school year. It will be so fun to watch the progress of her drawings, writing and self portrait.


For a quick tip about the sunglasses. HERE is a link for sunglasses writing paper printable. However, I just drew these out myself. If you take a piece of paper, fold it in half and then draw half of the sunglasses. After you cut it out and unfold it, you will have a nice even and symmetrical pair of sunglasses. 👍🏼

Happy Summer!!

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