“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is so amazing! This week we continued our caterpillar study into the transformation of becoming a butterfly.

We learned all about the butterfly life cycle. I would mix up these cards from Let’s Play School or hide them around the room and my daughter would have to find them and put them in order from eggs to butterfly.

We have been using our Insect Lore Butterfly kit right along with our studies of each phase of the life cycle. It has been so much fun to watch! Even if you don’t do any other activities just get this kit! It is our first time growing butterflies and it is an amazing and magical experience for everyone.

We studied caterpillars with our favorite journal pages from Bitty Beginnings. (My Arthropod Field Journal).

Check my post HERE on all our fun activities from The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

We learned all about the formation of the chrysalis and the transformation that is about to happen.

I wrapped the kids in toilet paper to create their very own chrysalis! They thought this was so much fun! This is such a great hands on learning experience. They realized how they weren’t able to move or do anything. When we were done they got to rip open/ “emerge” from their toilet paper chrysalis.

We colored and practiced some handwriting with this great mini book printable from Trillium Montessori.

While playing around outside one day we found a dead Pink Lady butterfly, just like ours that are to emerge any day, so of course we brought it inside to take a closer look.

We did 2 art projects to learn about symmetry using butterfly wings. First I had my daughter paint a picture of a butterfly and she had to make sure each of the wings matched/ reflected the other. Then she painted one side of cut out butterflies with Q-tips and folded over the other side, smashing the paint, to create the same pattern on the other wing.

This next art project we did was so cool! It takes 3 pieces of paper. One for the caterpillar, one for the chrysalis and one for the butterfly. (Free printable available from CutesyCrafts.com) We cut out and colored each piece. Glued the chrysalis and butterfly pieces back to back (around the edges and wings), but DO NOT glue the center together. Fold the chrysalis closed. The caterpillar will be able to fit in between the 2 pieces and can then open into a butterfly. My kids, and my nephews who were over and did this with us, thought this was so awesome!!

Check my post HERE on our Paper Plate Bugs for more easy butterfly crafts for kids.

I hope you enjoyed some of these butterfly activities. I have been looking forward to this Unit all year and we have been having so much fun learning all about them. Two of our 6 caterpillars emerged last night and it was so amazing to watch!

Have a great week!

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