We do short lessons every day throughout the week and some days we don’t even get to our lessons. So on a daily basis it doesn’t feel like we are making a lot of progress or learning all that much. However, on this poster board I put together lots of concepts and such that my daughter has learned this year and it is amazing to see how much she has learned. She has grown so much academically and I am so proud!

Little School of Smith’s- finale exam poster

I was not strict with this “final exam.” This was just for fun and a great visual to show my daughter just a glimpse of all the new things she has learned this past school year. She was able to complete the whole poster all by herself with only a little help from me to read some instructions.

Little School of Smith’s- final exam poster

This year we did TK (transitional kindergarten) where she did pre-primer Language Arts, yet she also did regular Kindergarten math. We completely finished her pre-primer workbook and began all Kindergarten work in March. So all of these questions are sort of a mix of easy and harder concepts she learned or is still learning. Majority are at kindergarten level.

Little School of Smith’s- final exam poster

Little School of Smith’s- final exam poster

I placed each question in different directions so she was up and moving around it to work on different ones. That made this poster board a little hard to take pictures of.

Here is a list of all the questions on this board:

  • Write your name.
  • Draw a line to match upper and lowercase letters
  • Complete the pattern
  • Sing months of the year song/ or days of the week song
  • Circle the words that rhyme
  • Find the vowels or consonants
  • Write the number for each number word
  • Draw a picture of you
  • Find the beginning sound for each picture (Beginning Sound Strips)
  • Circle the vowels
  • How many letters are in the alphabet?
  • Read the sight words
  • Draw the correct number of tally marks next to each number
  • Place the life cycle in order (using our Let’s Play School cards)
  • Different questions about left and right (ex: Show me your left hand, show me your right leg)
  • How many days are in a week?
  • Solve the addition problems.
  • Who is the best teacher EVER? 😉
  • Find the penny, dime, nickel and quarter. How much is each?
  • What time is it? (Read the correct time on each card- these cards were a set from the Dollar store)
  • Read this book. (Dash into Learning books)

Forgot to add this but would have added questions about long and short vowels also.

So there you have it. Of course every grade level, child and family is different so you can choose whatever questions you like to put on your poster. It is super simple to put together. Just get a poster board (mine is from Dollar store), make a list of questions, and add it to it wherever you want. Completely customizable to each individual child.

Little School of Smith’s- end of year poster

I think this would be great to do again at the beginning of the new school year also, to re-introduce old concepts learned and see what needs to be reviewed again. Just flip this poster board over, mix up the questions, and write them out again.

Hope you and your family have fun with this “final exam” poster also. 😊

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