I can’t believe February is here! We are excited to start a new month and pull out all our Valentine decorations! The best way to spread extra love this month is by spending time together. I have gathered some of my favorite books, printables, and EASY activities you can do with your kids this month.


-Cereal Hearts: This is a super simple activity any age can do and great for fine motor practice. All you need is a box of Fruit Loops or Cheerios cereal and some pipe cleaners. Thread the cereal onto the pipe cleaners, twist the pipe cleaner ends together when finished, and bend into the shape of a heart. We love to make a bunch of these, add some string or ribbon to them, and hang them in the trees for a special tree for the birds and squirrels in our area.

-Heart Rocks: Another simple activity to spread some love and joy. You just need some rocks, red paint, and a black marker. Have your kids dip their fingers into paint and stamp it onto the rocks 2x to create a heart. You can add a smiley face or a nice message on the other side. Take a trip to your local park and hide the rocks all around for others to find.

-Heart Hunt: One of my kids favorite games every year! All you need is construction paper and scissors. Cut out a bunch of hearts, as many as you want. Hide them all around your house and have your kids find as many as they can. Almost like an Easter Egg hunt, but for Valentines Day. **Quick tip: below is a quick way to cut multiple hearts at once. Put a few construction papers together and fold one edge in. Cut out one side of a heart. You will get multiple, symmetrical hearts all at once. Can turn the paper and do the same on the other side.

-Alphabet Hearts: This activity is great for learning or practicing alphabet letters. Cut out a bunch of hearts on construction paper or fun scrapbook paper. Use the paper hearts to trace an outline on white paper, or can even use brown paper bags cut open & taped together. Write the upper case alphabet letters on the hearts and the lower case alphabet letters on the heart outlines. Lay the hearts, or hide them, all around the room and have your child find them and match them to the correct one. *You can also do this with sight words or math equations (write an equation on the hearts and the answer in the outlined heart.)

-Beaded Hearts: Similar to the cereal hearts above, use red beads and thread them onto pipe cleaners. Twist the ends together and bend them into the shape of a heart.

-Heart Hedgehogs: We did this activity to go with one of our favorite Valentine’s Books Hedgehugs. Draw a simple hedgehog on paper with markers, or kwik sticks like we used. Cut out a bunch of small hearts and glue them on as the quills of the hedgehog.

-Blooming Hearts: We are planning to do this activity this year and it looks so simple and fun. All you need is construction paper and a shallow bowl of water. Cut a few hearts out of the construction paper and fold them like the photo below. Gently drop the folded heart into the water and watch the hearts spring open and “bloom.”

-Magazine Heart craft: Find the tutorial to make this super fun heart HERE.


Here are some of my favorite printable packs for Valentines Day learning and fun!

Lets Play School- Valentines Day Pack 2.0

CirqueDuSewell Valentine’s Learning Pack

Totschooling Valentines Day Printables

Raising the Rogers- Valentines Coloring Pages

Moffatt Girls February No Prep Packs

Bitty Beginnings- Conversation Heart Pre-K Learning Pack, We Belong Together Valentines Pack, Valentine Garden Pack

I Spy Valentine Prinatble

Valentines Day Bingo


Click HERE to see a full list and links to my favorite Valentine’s picture books.

Click HERE to see a list of early readers & chapter books for Valentine’s Day.

I hope you’re able to use some of these ideas with your kids this month and have a great time together! Happy February!

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