Columbus Unit Study




Learn all about Christopher Columbus and his voyages through fun books, projects, recipes, and more! This guide is great for elementary grades (ages 5-10) to bring the Viking world to life.

This is a 4-week unit study using 2 books: You Wouldn’t Want to Sail with Christopher Columbus by Fiona Madonald and DK Discoveries Christopher Columbus: Explorer of the New World by Peter Chrisp. Required books can be found on Amazon or on secondhand websites- search titles on or

Included in this unit is an additional book list, supply list, weekly guide, and multiple activity instructions (with photo examples) and recipes. The weekly guide is broken into 3-4 short, open & go lessons but can easily be joined together or moved around to fit into your schedule. The lessons guide you on what to read, videos to watch, projects or recipe suggestions, map labeling, and prompts to fill in narration notebook pages.

You will make a large world map (using rice & puffy paint) to map each of Columbus’ voyages. You will also learn about the ships, what it was like to live on the ships, cardinal directions, and the native Tainos tribes with fun projects and writing prompts.

*This guide, and books, do not claim Columbus discovered America. It goes through each of his voyages and teaches how we was the first European to sail west, explore the Caribbean, and inspired other explorers to sail across the Atlantic.

Guide is 23 pages.

Grab the full early American history curriculum and continue the exploration of America with the Vikings, Jamestown, and the Mayflower in Adventures to the New World.


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