Sassafras Zoology Crafts & Activites

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This year for science we are learning all about animals with Sassafras Science Adventures Zoology Unit! The kids and I both are so excited to get started!

Sassafras’s Science units use a science-oriented living book that you read through together as well as incorporating note booking, science demonstrations, and hands-on crafts/projects. Each chapter corresponds with a lesson. For Zoology your learning about 2 different animals each chapter from different locations around the world: African Grasslands, Amazon Rainforest, the Arctic, etc.

The teacher guide helps in guiding you on what chapter to read, additional book lists, information for the logbook your students will fill out, a science demonstration, and activities/crafts to do together.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I LOVE arts and crafts, so I was super excited that they added this into each lesson. My kids are young (6 and 4) so crafts are a great hands on activity for them to work on fine motor skills as well as understand each animal better by getting their coloring and characteristics right.

Although the teacher guide gives great suggestions, I got lost deep in the Pinterest world and found a ton more great ideas you could do together! Unfortunately, we will only be able to do one, maybe 2, crafts a lesson, so I wanted to share all the other great ideas for those interested! I know many other families who will be using this curriculum as well this year, so I hope this will help in their planning.

I will be sharing ideas for the 2 animals in each chapter for the first 7 chapters. **Click on the photo to take you to the direct link of how to create each craft!** I will continue in future blog posts with the other animals in the next chapters.

Chapter 1: Introduction to the story

Chapter 2: Lions and Cheetahs

Chapter 3: Elephants and Giraffes

Chapter 4: Camels and Cobras

Chapter 5: Spiny-tailed Lizard and Fennec Fox

Chapter 6: Cows and Bees

Chapter 7: Chickens and Spiders

How fun do those all look! I tried to look for ones that also used easily accessible household items. I hope these will be some fun crafts you can do together while learning about the animals in the Sassafras Zoology Science unit! If you end up doing some of these, please be sure to share and tag me on Instagram so I can see how they turned out!

Coming soon- crafts for the animals in Chapters 8-13!

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