My kids LOVE holidays! They have been counting down to trick-or-treating before October even began!

Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday and I’m not a fan of all the spooky, scary things, but kids make everything more fun and I love a good theme!

We have been getting into the Halloween spirit over here with tons of Halloween crafts and learning activities.

This week we have been doing all things around ghosts! These are simple crafts and activities that you can make at home, with kids of any age, to get you into the holiday spirit! My kids loved these and thought they were so fun!

Ghost Footprints:

We made this for my daughters first Halloween on a small canvas. It is one of my favorite decorations to put out every year!

Ghost Leaves:

We went on a leaf hunt and gathered leaves of all shapes and sizes. The kids painted them all white and I added the eyes and mouth. They turned out so cute and this would be perfect for any age to do! I hung them up along our mantle for a perfect Halloween decoration!

Musical Ghost Jump:

For this activity I cut out a bunch of small ghosts out of white paper. I added a face, mouth and number on each (1-20.) Like musical chairs my kids dance around when the music is playing. When the music stops they have to stand on a ghost and tell me what number it is. Then I pick those up and we begin again until all the ghosts are gone. We are working on number recognition, but you could also do this with alphabet letters! 🙌🏼

Sometimes I also just put the ghosts in a path for them to jump along and tell me what number the ghost has.

Ghost Streamers:

This craft is so simple and quick. We used white paper cups and white crate paper. Tape the crate paper inside the cups and draw eyes and a mouth. Punch a hole in the top and pull a string through to hang it. We hung them outside in a tree and the kids love watching them “dance” in the wind. ☺️

Ghost handwriting:

This is SO fun! Take 2 pieces of cardboard and draw a ghost on one, then cut out his belly. Tape a zip lock bag full of white paint to the other cardboard piece. Place the ghost on top and let the kids practice their handwriting in his belly. My kids would choose a letter from the bowl and have to write it in his belly. Just wipe the paint around to start over. They loved doing this and played with it for a long time. 👍🏼 This is a great mess free painting activity for really little ones too!

Ghost handprint craft:

We love the book Ghosts in the House by Kazuno Kohara. It is a super cute story about this little witch that moves into a haunted house and finds/captures all the ghosts turning them into curtains, sheets and table cloths.

We made this easy handprint craft to go with the story. Trace your child’s handprint on white paper, cut and glue it to a black square. Six jumbo popsicle sticks make up the window frame. My daughter colored it with her yellow kwik stix.

Tons of super simple activities for kids of any age to learn, explore and enjoy some Halloween fun with ghosts!

Here are some more great books about ghosts to go with these activities (click the image to get to its link):

Check out these books as some of them are only $3-4 right now!!

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And come back next week as I will have a blog post about all the fun activities we are doing about monsters. ☺️

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