Hey everyone!

Today I just wanted to share a short post with you about a fun, quick and simple learning game I play with my kids. It’s called Kaboom!

Materials: All you need to play is a jar/or cup, popsicle sticks and a marker.

Directions: On the bottom of each popsicle stick write one letter of the alphabet. 26 popsicle sticks for 26 different letters. On 6 more popsicle sticks write the word KABOOM! Place all the popsicle sticks (letters down) into a jar or cup.

How to Play: Each player takes a turn pulling a popsicle stick out of the jar. They must say the letter or letter sound correctly to keep it. If incorrect it goes back into the jar. If you pull a Kaboom stick you have to put all your popsicle sticks back into the jar. (Keep the Kaboom stick out.) Continue playing by taking turns pulling sticks. The person to pull the 6th final Kaboom stick, looses the game. All remaining players count the number of sticks they have and the highest number wins!

The best part about this game is that it is adaptable to your child’s learning level. My 3 year old son needs to work on his letter recognition so we just use the popsicle sticks with the letters on them. My 5 year old daughter is working on her sight words so I have another set for her with different sight words written on each stick. You can also write math facts (addition, subtraction or multiplication) on each popsicle stick. There are so many different ways that can be altered to your child’s specific needs.

This game is also great for on the go! I just put all the sticks in a zip lock bag in my purse so they are easy to play when we are waiting at restaurants, dance class or the doctors office. Just pull the sticks from the zip lock back to play.

I hope your able to play this and have some learning fun with your kids! šŸ˜Š

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