Hey there!! This week I had my son in mind as we dove into transportation week. He loves anything with wheels so I knew he would be so excited. We learned all about different types of transportation: cars, trains, airplanes, bicycles, boats and even rescue vehicles (fire trucks, ambulance, etc). Gathering items and toys around your house and a little construction paper made this unit super easy.

Here is a look into some of our transportation activities and crafts:

We started the week off by building our own cars and continued to work on these throughout the week. I covered diaper boxes in white paper and let the kids paint/color all over them. Then we added wheels, lights, a steering wheel and the CUTEST little license plates! It took about 2-3 days to complete them and once they were done my kids drove them around the house constantly!

My son LOVED this printable set from Bitty Beginnings. We used chocolate chips as the “rocks” and when he counted out the correct number he could eat one. ☺️

We made traffic lights and learned what each of the colors meant. Then we graphed/sorted cars by color to find what color had the most and which had the least.

We practiced reading CVC words by building railroad tracks and counted trains.

These fun printables/games were from Lets Play School’s- Transportation Activity Pack.

This activity was a lot of fun, teaches Alphabet recognition and could be played over and over. I drew a parking lot on a plain white poster board and labeled the alphabet. I took my sons toy cars and put circle dot stickers on top (each with a letter.) He would pick a car and drive it to the correct parking spot. This is a favorite!

We painted using different car tracks. This was so much fun and easy for all ages!

Another simple activity my kids loved was the car wash. We brought out their Barbie cars and trucks and gave them a good wash. Then we had a quick field trip and took my car to go through the real car wash! The simplest things bring them the most joy 😊

We also read a bunch of books, did puzzles and played in a black bean sensory bin.

At the end of the week I set up a drive-in movie theatre in our living room to watch Cars 3. They drove their cardboard box cars and learned how to pay for concession items with their play money. It was so cute and they thought this was so exciting.

The best way to end our Transportation week! Making fun memories with littles! 🚗

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