Hello everyone! Welcome to Little School of Smith’s! Thank you for following along on our everyday adventures and homeschool journey!

I’m Lindsay Smith, mama and teacher to my 4 littles- ages 9, 7, 4 and 2. We started homeschooling 6 years ago when my daughter was 3, instead of paying for her to go to preschool. We ended up loving it so much we decided to continue our homeschool journey. This year I am teaching 3rd grade, 1st grade, and PreK, while trying to keep my 2-year-old entertained.

I never imagined I would homeschool my kids, but had been interested since my husband was homeschooled K-8th. I felt a strong calling, but was nervous and hesitant about whether I could do it. However, finding these wonderful online communities of homeschoolers to answer questions or get advice from has given me so much confidence. I discovered how much I love to plan unit studies and put craft ideas together and wanted to share my ideas with others as well. We love to learn through reading, exploring and hands on play!

This past year I recently began writing my own curriculum and I love sharing it with you! It is so humbling to see so many of you enjoying my unit studies! Check them out in my SHOP.

I am so thankful for this opportunity to be able to teach and learn alongside my children and I hope to be a little bit of inspiration and guidance for others. Thank you for following along!

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