Earlier this week I shared our summer schooling plans with our Summer Learning Basket. You can read all about it HERE.

To go along with that we also do a lot of reading! My daughter just started learning to read this year so I want to encourage her to keep reading this summer. Keeping them reading helps develop their confidence, vocabulary and comprehension.

Here is our Summer Reading Basket!

This basket is full of books that are at my daughters reading level (Kindergarten.) Some are very easy for her (help build confidence) and some are a little harder (to challenge her and build her phonics ). I will be sharing a blog post next week all about our early reading resources so stay tuned.

Today check out my featured blog post over on my friend Kim’s blog thislovefilledlife.com all about our Summer Reading Basket and some great ways to keep your kids excited about reading all summer long.

My daughter loves this reading challenge and it gets her wanting to read immensely. So check my blog post HERE to find out how we complete this fun reading challenge and many other reading challenge ideas.

I hope these ideas help develop a love for reading in your home this summer!


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