Letter A Week Curriculum for Preschool at Home

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Hi there!

We are just 6 weeks from the end of our school year and I can’t believe how fast this year went. This year was my second time around doing preschool at home.

I started doing a letter per week type curriculum for preschool when my daughter was 3.5 years old, just for some fun activities to do to while learning and put some routine into our days. We ended up loving it so much it led to our decision to homeschool.

Doing it with my daughter I tried doing WAY too much. I was exhausted and she didn’t even end up doing a lot of things I had planned. So this time around with my son, I simplified a lot and found the perfect balance.

So today I want to share with you how I plan and what resources we use to do our letter a week curriculum.

When doing a letter per week I like to go in order of the alphabet. This is just personal preference as it helps me remember what letters we have done vs not and what letter to do next. This also works for us as my kids know what letters are coming and look forward to certain ones (like the ones that start with their name.) Every week we work on what the letter looks like (upper and lower case) and it’s sound.

These are my favorite books we use every week for each letter:

Usborne Big Book of ABC’s– This is my favorite book to pull out and talk about/find all the different things that begin with each letter.

The Big Book of Alphatales– This book has 26 different stories, one for every letter of the alphabet. This book is particularly helpful for those tricky letters (like Q, X, etc.) that are hard to find other picture books for.

A is for Apple– This is a great interactive book that has lift the flaps for every letter of the alphabet as well as inset letters to practice tracing with their finger.

For each letter we use the Complete Letter A-Z Alphabet Learning Pack from Bitty Beginnings. This pack has so many different activities to do with each letter:

– Look & Find Play Mat & Pieces
– Two-Part Puzzles
– Do-a-Dot pages
– Play Dough Mats
– Letter Craft Template
– Letter Hunt Template
– Cut & Paste Letter Sort
– Spot It pages
– Uppercase Letter Puzzle
– Lowercase Letter Puzzle
– Write n’ Wipe Cards
– Letter Flashcards
– Pre-Writing Practice

This pack is amazing and all in one place! You can also purchase each activity separate. Each one contains all letters A-Z for that particular activity in pink and blue. Check out Bitty Beginning’s Etsy shop HERE.

I print out the activities for a month at a time (so 4 letters at a time.) I have 2 more kids that will use these when they do preschool at home also, so some of the activities (the pre-writing pages, play mat pages, spot it pages, puzzles, and flashcards) I laminate and store so they can be used over and over. This pack makes it so easy to just pull out activities for each letter quickly even if I have nothing else planned.

For some letters we will also use Let’s Play School’s ABC Books. This pack has individual books you print out for each letter (both uppercase and lowercase options) that are shaped like that letter containing fun activities on each page. The pages include coloring beginning sounds, painting, tracing, stamping, Do a Dot pages, and more.

Next for each letter I choose one topic as our theme for the week that begins with that letter. For example, Letter A for apples. So all week we will do activities, experiments, field trips, or read books around that topic. *Picking ONE topic is my biggest advice for doing letter-a-week type of curriculum.* For certain letters you can think of tons of things that letter starts with, but sticking to one helps you narrow down all your activities and not make you or your child overwhelmed. This also allows you to pick a topic that is of interest to your own child. For example, my son is obsessed with trains, so when we did Letter T we spent the whole week doing all things around trains! He loved it and was way more interested in learning and playing.

After picking one topic for each letter, Pinterest is your best friend! Go to Pinterest and put your topic in the search bar (ex: Apple preschool activities.) Tons of different crafts, book recommendations, experiments, free printables and other activities will pop up giving you tons of great ideas! Remember though just to pick a reasonable few and not try to do everything, as not to get both of you overwhelmed.

Here are examples of some things we did for the letter A, our topic being apples: apple stamping, cork and button apple tree craft, apple tasting and sink or float experiment, read books about Johnny Appleseed with a fun snack, and printables/sensory bin activities from Bitty Beginnings Apple Picking Set.

Here is a link to my Pinterest board that has ideas for each letter of the alphabet! Little School of Smith’s- Homeschool Preschool (Pinterest)

If you don’t feel like you are a crafty person or don’t have the time to prep crafts and activities, check out Preschool 2 You! They have an A-Z Animal Craft Kit that has a pre-cut craft for EVERY letter of the alphabet already to go for you! Such a time saver!!

The final thing I do is to take my letter of the week topic and search our local library for non-fiction and fiction books. I will check out books for 3 weeks (3 different letters) at a time so I’m not constantly going to the library every week. Each Sunday night I display the new books for the week and our new letter. My kids get so excited to see them in the morning and love spending the week enjoying the books on our topic!

And that is all we do! Remember that at this age they can only sit for 30 min. tops at one time and that’s ok. Just doing 1 or 2 things a day gets them learning their letters and sounds and has you spending time together! You also don’t have to do every worksheet or every activity that week. Be flexible, play a lot, and enjoy the time together!

As we continue on and start to learn more letters I will have some activities that we do to review letters we have learned as well as practicing the whole alphabet. Let’s Play School’s Play and Learn ABC’s Pack has 10 different games to play together to learn and reinforce alphabet and sound recognition. Below is one of the games, Teddy Bear hospital, where you have to match the lower case bandaid to each upper case Teddy Bear. My son loves all these games! We also love Let’s Play School’s Play and Learn Numbers pack to learn and practice numbers 1-20.

For another fun and simple activity my kids love these play dough sheets from The Teaching Treehouse. Each letter has 2 play dough pages that I laminate so they are easy to clean and use multiple times. My kids love the prompts on creating something for each letter. We don’t use these every week, but will pull them out often to review letters and play!

If you’re looking to add some simple Bible lessons into your days as well these are my favorite books and lessons. We add these to our morning time or might read a Bible story during quiet time/after naps.

The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible

The One Year Book of Devotions for Preschoolers

Big Thoughts for Little People

The Good Gospel A-Z Bible Resource

Preschool is my absolute favorite and I have so much fun planning each week and doing the activities together with my kids! It gives us something different to do each day and something to look forward to. I hope this post helps you if you wish to do preschool at home with your little ones. 🥰

Here are some quick links to supplies you might need to preschool at home as well:

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