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Hey everyone!

I am back to the blog after a very long, much needed, break over the holidays and it was wonderful! We had a great Christmas season and New Year and are loving being back to our regular routine.

Right before break, and this past month we finished our Me on the Map Unit!

If you missed Part 1 where we learned about homes and our street click HERE- Me On the Map Unit- Part 1.

To see where we learned about our city and state next click HERE- Me On the Map Unit- Part 2.

Today I’ll be sharing our final areas we studied- our country, continent, and planet. We didn’t go super in depth in each of these topics because we will more as my kids get older, but just enough to where they understand their place in the world.

First we studied our country- the United States of America. We played with our Melissa and Doug Wooden USA puzzle.

The 50 States: Explore the USA with 50 Fact-filled Maps by Gabrielle Balkan is amazing! It is nice and large and filled with so many fun facts on each state.

We played United States Bingo (FREE printable found HERE.)

And did our United States of America mini book! I love using mini books at this age (Kindergarten.) My daughter loves to color and we can talk/learn about each topic one at a time. Then she is able to put them together into a book that she loves to share and read with others. You can find the USA mini book HERE.

Next we learned about our continent. We learned the 7 continents with this song and puzzles, as well as found each on our globe.

This puzzle is from an amazing program from Totschooling called My Magic Backpack, that explores each country with fun activities for preschoolers. You could also create this puzzle at home. Print the world map twice- one in black and white and one in color. (Printed on two pages to make it larger.) Cut out the colored continents. I laminated and added Velcro dots to use over and over.

We also used these FREE 3 part cards found HERE.

Lastly, I printed a blank map of the world (like this one) and called out a continent and had her paint the correct one. She has them all memorized now. 👏🏻

-This would be a great side project to add to this continent unit that we did at the beginning of the year. The book “Children Just Like Me” is one of my daughters favorites, where you learn about different children in different countries. Each page has a different child around the world and details about their families, homes, hobbies and cultures. My daughter decided she wanted a page just like the other children, so we worked together to create her own. She helped take/pick out the photos, and even type up what she wanted to write. I love the way it turned out!!

Next we did a quick mini study of our planet- Earth. We love this Solar System Study Guide from Stephanie Hathaway Designs. We just used the Earth printables for now, but plan to continue to learn the other planets soon. We did handwriting, puzzles- counting by 10, and finger painted the Earth.

Here are some amazing books to read when studying about the Earth.

This is our new favorite book about the Creation Story! When God Made the World by Matthew Paul Turner.

At the end of each section we completed during this unit (home, street, city, state, country, continent, planet) we created a circle with a picture or two and wrote what each was. We added to each one (making each circle bigger) until it was complete! Now we have a complete rainbow book about her place in the world, her place on the map! You can find the printable template for this HERE.

I really hope you enjoyed following along this unit with us and are able to get some inspiration and do these activities with your children.

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