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Children’s Book & Toy Bundle Gift Ideas

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Good books make the best gifts! I love children’s books and it is my favorite gift to give all the kids in my life!

However, while some kids do love books, others don’t think it is the most exciting thing to receive. 😆 To make it a little more fun, I love to add a simple toy, puzzle or activity to go with it, that is the same theme as the book! I love that the book and toy can play off of each other, creating more imaginative play and conversation starters.

Today I want to share with you some amazing children’s books and simple gift ideas you can pair with them that kids will love!

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(This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, no extra cost to you. I only link items I love or have used!

  1. Shine-A-Light Books: These books are so amazing! Shine a flashlight (or cellphone) behind the pages to discover what is hidden in and around different places and things. There are so many fun surprises behind each page! My kids LOVE these books and they are great for bedtime! Pair it with a simple flashlight for a perfect present! This is a great gift I love to give nieces and nephews, or friends of my kids. There are a ton of different Shine-a-Light titles to choose from: Secrets of the Seashore, Secrets of the Rainforest, Dinosaurs, At The Hospital, At the Garage, On the Train, On the Space Station, On the Farm, On the Construction Site, Secrets of Our Earth, Secrets of Winter, The Human Body, On the Plane, Wonders of the USA, Secrets of the Apple Tree, Wonders of Our World, In the City.

2. Big Book of ABC

This is a great book for early learners! This book is big, had sturdy pages, and super cute illustrations for each letter of the alphabet. My preschooler loves looking at this book and finding all kinds of different things that start with each letter. Pair with a simple alphabet puzzle for a perfect, easy gift!

3. All Better:

This is the cutest book with 5 reusable bandaid stickers to help the animal friends and their misadventures. Little ones learn how to place the bandaids on and help make things “all better.” Pair this book with a simple doctor kit or doctor dress up set for a great gift!

4. Big Book of Dinosaurs:

The Big Book of series are so awesome with huge fold-out pages that help to display information in a fun way! This one is perfect for that dinosaur lover that shows tons of enormous dinosaurs and filled with fun facts! HERE is an inside look at the book! Pair with this super fun dinosaur excavation kit or some toy dinosaurs for a great gift!

5. Lift-the-Flap Shapes:

This is a great engaging book for little learners with tons of different flaps to lift to learn their shapes! It also grows with your child by starting with the basics and then building throughout the book to include more difficult problem solving/thinking skills involving shapes. Pair with some fun blocks or shape puzzles for a perfect gift for any child!

6. Noisy Farm, Peep Inside the Farm:

You can not go wrong with farm books for little ones! These books have beautiful illustrations or fun sounds all about the animals of the farm! Pair one of these books with some farm animals, farm puppets, this great latch barn, or our favorite game UNO Moo! for a great gift!

7. Muddle and Match books:

My kids think these books are so fun! Kids can make up their own funny stories of adventure and imagination, and create crazy characters as you flip through the split pages mixing and matching things together. Tons of different titles to choose from! Pair with a fun mix and match puzzle for a great gift! My kids play with these puzzles for a long time!

8. Look Inside Space, My Very First Space Book:

My kids are very interested in space right now and these are perfect books for early learners and space lovers! These books have great illustrations and lift the flaps. Little ones can find out about planets, starts, asteroids, space travel and lots more. Pair with this fun space view finder, space figurines, Lego space shuttle or dress up sets for the perfect gift!

9. Big Book of Big Machines:

Another great book in the Big Book series with HUGE fold out pages to discover some of the biggest and most powerful machines ever made. From giant excavators and monster trucks, to super jumbos and enormous ships, this exciting book will delight children of all ages! Pair with some toy tractors, V-tech dump truck or LEGO duplos for a fun gift!

10. I Can Roar:

This is one of my kids favorite books! Each page is a different animal with a hole to stick your face in and make the animal sounds. All my kids think it is so funny, especially when I do it! 😆 It’s great for learning animals, their sounds and fun interaction with your kids! Pair it with some fun animal toys for even more play to make a great gift!

These are some of our favorite books and ones I love to gift! Pairing them with a fun item to go with them makes a great gift! Here are some other great books that are great to gift on their own or are perfect stocking stuffers!

I hope you enjoyed all these book and gift ideas and found some help with your Christmas shopping! If you are searching for any other books in particular please send me a message. I would love to help you find great books for any of the kids in your life!

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This will be my last blog of the year so I can spend the holidays relaxing and spending time with my family! I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

I will see you in the New Year!!

(This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, no extra cost to you. I only link items I love or have used!

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