Little School of Smith's

Welcome back for Part 2 of our Me on the Map unit!

If you missed Part 1 all about our studies of our home and street you can check it out HERE.


The next portion we studied was our city! We live in the country, part of a smaller rural city in Northern California.

Activities we did:

  • Learned the difference between city vs country.
  • Learned about rural, suburban, and urban communities with this cut and paste activity (FREE printable found HERE.) Fold a piece of construction paper in half and cut 2 slits to the center on ONE side. Use the printable to cut and paste the correct descriptions inside the flap of each community.
  • Field trip to Main Street, historical museum, and monuments in our small city. We also drove around and checked out the post office, fire station, and local library.
  • Looked at a road map of our city and found our street.

Here are some great picture books we read.


Next we learned a little bit about our state of California! Here are the activities we did:

    Mini coloring book full of facts (found HERE.)
    Painted/made the state flag
    Coloring pages of the state, capital, and state seal all found on Google images.
    Made the state flower (the Golden Poppy) our of tissue paper and pipe cleaners.
    Made a rewood tree out of brown construction paper and torn pieces of green paper.
    Made the state out of playdough and talked about mountains, valley and coast.
    Learned about important landmark- the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

I was so excited to use this California Atlas book that is so special to me because it was written and created by 2 of my Uncles! It was finished and released when I was a little girl and I am so excited that we get to use it in our homeschool with my kids now! ❤️ 

Here are some more great picture books about California.

Since we learned about the Golden Gate Bridge of course we had to take a field trip to see it! The kids were in awe! 😍 It is truly amazing in person!

We also visited the San Francisco Zoo and learned more about our state animal- the grizzly bear, as well as many other animals!

We have had so much fun with this unit! Next we will learn about our country, continent, and planet. I will blog those when we finish them. 👍🏼

I hope you have enjoyed following along and are inspired to do your own Me On the Map unit!

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