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I can’t believe Halloween is in one week! My kids are busting at the seams with excitement! We have been doing lots of fun Halloween activities to keep them busy as we count down the days. This week was all about monsters.

I love when children’s books are so versatile that they can be pulled out for specific holidays as well as read year round. One of my kids FAVORITE books is Nibbles the Book Monster by Emma Tarlett. This is not specifically a Halloween book, but since it is about a monster I am able to pull it out and add it to our Halloween stack of books as well as keep it out year round.

This story is about a little monster named Nibbles who loves to eat books. Throughout the story he has escaped and is running wild, eating through different fairytales. There are fun smaller books within the larger book. My kids have so much fun following and trying to catch Nibbles! It has super cute illustrations and fun cut outs as if he is “eating” right through the pages. To see an inside look check out this video HERE. To purchase the book click HERE.

So this week we have been doing a lot of very simple monster themed activities for Halloween, mostly around the book Nibbles the Book Monster.

Feed the monster:

Take an empty tissue box, add some eyes and paper teeth. (I tried to make mine look like Nibbles and my kids were convinced so it was win. 👏🏻)

Have your child “feed” the monster alphabet letters. These letters are from an alphabet puzzle we have, but you could also use flashcards, scrabble letters, or anything you have in your home. My son would tell me what letter he chose to feed the monster or I would call out a letter for him to find to feed the monster. For my daughter we worked on the letter sounds.

Counting monster teeth:

These FREE printables are from Use candy corns to count and add teeth to each monster!

Monster bookmarks:

These monster bookmarks are so cute and easy to make! Check out the tutorial on how to make them HERE. My daughter and I did these together and again we tried to make them look like Nibbles. 😊

Monster explosions:

This is such a fun science experiment! All you need is plastic cups, food coloring, baking soda and vinegar. I drew monster faces with a sharpie and added googly eyes to each of the plastic cups. Put a few drops of food coloring in each cup and add baking soda on top to cover it. Have your child pour in a small amount of vinegar to watch the monster explode! Their reactions were so fun and exciting! (Be prepared with a lot of vinegar and baking soda because they will want to do it over and over again! ☺️)


Here are some other great monster books for Halloween you could pair with these activities:

Check out my Instagram to follow along with our other Halloween activities.

Check out our ghost crafts and learning activities we did last week HERE.

Have a great Halloween!!

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