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The Good and The Beautiful Level K Math Review

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My daughter learned to count at a really young age and has always been really good with numbers (must get it from her Dad šŸ˜‰.) This past school year we started the Level K Math curriculum from The Good and The Beautiful when she was almost 5 years old.

Since we weren’t technically starting Kindergarten yet we took it very slowly only doing 1-2 lessons a week. But in using this curriculum, math has easily become my daughter’s favorite subject! And out of all the curriculums we tried this year, this one was my favorite as well. It is SO good!!

Head on over to to see my FULL review and inside peek of The Good and The Beautiful Level K Math.

I joined 30 other bloggers in the “Wading Through the Curriculum” Blog Series. For each day in the month of June each of us shared our reviews of all different kinds of curriculum to provide homeschool moms with practical advice and honest reviews to help you feel encouraged and equipped to have your best homeschool year yet.

If you would like to see more click HERE.

Have a great week!

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