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Oregon Unit Study (K-12 Curriculum Review)- Love at Home Education

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We have been on summer break for a few weeks now and loving the slower, laidback days! In a few weeks my niece and nephew are coming (from Ohio) to stay with us (in California) for 2 weeks. My daughter has been asking a million questions about where they live, why we live in different states, how far is that, etc. So this quick curriculum review came at the perfect time.

I love learning about each state- its landmarks, facts, and history and I cant wait to teach my kids/learn along side them. I hope to dive more deeply and spend time on each state in the next few school years.

Sarah, creator of Love at Home Education, has kindly given us one of her state unit studies to review. Since it is right above our state of California we decided to do the Oregon Unit Study for K-12. 😊

This unit study is packed full of handwriting, science, arts & crafts, writing prompts, math and even recipes for all ages. The unit is designed to take one full week, but you can do more or less depending on your family needs.

The only thing I wish this curriculum had was a list of some good book choices to go with the unit activities. I found these great books at our library that have tons of fun facts about each state.

Our 50 States: A Family Adventure Across America by Lynne Cheney

The 50 States by Gabrielle Balkan

In this Oregon Unit Study there are tons of beautiful photos of landmarks, facts and symbols. For example: the state capitol, the state flower, the state animal, etc. There are also many fact pages full of great information (some of which I didn’t know either.)

Love at Home Education prides themselves on “dinner table friendly, all-inclusive family curriculum that your high schooler and Kindergartener can do together” yet at their own levels of learning. This study includes materials that are grouped into K, 1-3 grade, 4-6 grade, and 7-12 grade. This will be SO nice and convienient when my kids get older and I have several in different grade levels. Learning together opens up more discussion and helps in keeping us working together and connected as a family. Right now my daughter is in Kindergarten so she was able to focus on the tracing pages. However, included in this unit study is also writing prompts, research questions, and essay guidelines for multiple/older grade levels.

My kids favorite part of this unit study was the state animal focus for science. They loved learning about the state animal of Oregon- the beaver. Provided in this curriculum was lots of facts about the beaver as well as fun worksheets about what beavers eat, etc. Then we cut out and colored this super cute beaver puppet craft made out of a paper bag and construction paper.

There are a lot of different arts & crafts activity ideas in the curriculum like these popscicle stick “Douglas Fir” trees (the state tree.) I made it an extra hands-on activity by having my daughter put the sticks in order from biggest to smallest.

Another fun craft idea we did, was this paint resistant state silhouette. On a piece of water color paper or cardstock (for durability) I used painters tape and marked out the state of Oregon’s silhouette. My kids then used watercolors over the top. When it is dry, peel off the tape to reveal the state you are working on. This would be fun to do for each state we learn about.

My favorite part of Love at Home Education’s curriculum is the low prep. It comes in a PDF version you can print yourself, or a printed version for a little extra sent in the mail. It is so nice and easy to print and go. It is very easy to skim through and find appropriate activities for your child’s level and just print those pages out if you wanted. I like to print the landmarks and symbols photos small and laminate them to use as cards or put them up on our white board.

Overall, we had a great time learning about the state of Oregon. And I can’t wait to continue to learn about others!

Thank you Sarah for letting us try your Oregon Unity Study! Click the link to get the Oregon Unit Study:

Love at Home Education has many other great unit studies to choose from as well as other state studies to choose from. Check them out at this link:

Last month we also did a review for Sarah’s Cloud Unit Study if you want to check that out HERE. (One of our favorites!)

Sarah is hosting a Curriculum Blog Party on her blog with a review of many of her state unit studies and others on June 14th. To see them all and how they are being used by different families check out her blog:

You can also join Love at Home Education Facebook group!

Have a great week everyone! 💕

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