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Guest Feature: Family Summer Bucket List

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Happy Monday everyone! I’m so excited to share my first guest blogger and fellow homeschool mama, Kim from This Love Filled Life. Check out her Mama Monday Feature on her blog to see great posts from myself and other blogging mamas! Today she is sharing with us some family summer bucket list ideas. Enjoy!


Hi, I am Kim! I am a stay at home homeschooling mom of two boys. Our days are filled with learning and exploring, with a side of a little chaos. Raising and schooling two rambunctious boys so close in age isn’t for the faint of heart but it is a wonderful ride. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we are going on 11 years of being together. We live in the Dallas, Texas area. I recently began sharing the journey and stories of my stay at home and homeschooling life over on my blog I love connecting with other mamas and sharing this motherhood journey together!! 

It’s May! Which means we are almost to Summer! We are so excited to be able to enjoy the summertime and create some new memories as a family. We recently sat down as a family and created a bucket list of all the things we want to do this summer.

Since we do live in Texas a majority of them include things that will keep us cool, like water activities, things we can do indoors or in the shade. Texas heat is no joke you guys! 

We came up with a good twenty ideas that we want to try and accomplish this summer and make some great memories together! Below is the list of what we came up with so you and your family can create some wonderful memories this summer too!

1. Pick Strawberries- We have never done this, so this will be our first year going out to pick strawberries from a strawberry patch and we are so excited!
2. Go to a Water Park- We have a couple of small ones around us and a big Hurricane Harbor not too far away. We will be enjoying the Texas sun while staying cool in the water.
3. Go fishing- My husband grew up going to a special little spot about an hour away from our home and we have only been once as a family and the boys were much too little to remember any of it. We want to take them back and let them get their own poles and fish!
4. Have a picnic at the park- What kid doesn’t love a good park day? Pack up a nice basket with a great lunch and enjoy it under a big shady tree. Then the kids can play while you enjoy that shade and some good books!
5. Have a campout in the backyard- You don’t have to create a big to do and pack up to camp, take it out back! The boys will find it so funny being right outside the house.
6. Make ice cream sundaes for DINNER- This never happens, so why not create a memory of allowing them to have dessert for dinner! Create a sundae bar and let it slide for one night!
7. Fly a kite- Take it with you for your park picnic, or another sunny, windy day! We are going to let the boys each pick one out and hopefully we will be successful at this.
8. Make a birdhouse- Get a kit or do it from scratch! Paint it and find a spot in your yard by a window so you can see all the beautiful birds! Don’t forget to fill it with some bird food!
9. Have a lemonade stand- Find a good recipe or buy the minute maid kind and have a lemonade stand! (Advertise to family members, to make sure they come visit and contribute)
10. Go roller skating- We took the boys once last year to the roller rink, and it was not a hit – BUT they say they want to try again! Which is indoors in a/c – again, Texas Heat!
11. Make a homemade movie- This is the one I think I am most looking forward to. Let the kids create- be the writers, producers and actors and have them tell you what they need help with! Having this to watch years later will be priceless. 
12. Have a make your own pizza night- Grab an already made crust if you are like me and don’t have the skills to make a homemade one. Let everyone make their own and create their own toppings. Watch a good movie when you sit to enjoy them!
13. Make your own popsicles or snow-cones. As a kid I loved filling the ice cube tray with kool-aid or juice and a toothpick to make my own popsicles. Now you can get kits to make larger ones or a snow-cone machine!
14. Go to the aquarium- We just went last month and the boys are already asking to go back. It is indoors and it is a fairly inexpensive one so I am all for it!
15. Family water balloon or water gun fight- My husband, I know, is secretly most excited for this. He has quite the competitive nature. We love grabbing the water balloons that you can fill a bunch of at a time! My husband loves a good super soaker water gun! Fill it with food coloring for an even more fun experiment!
16. Go on a nature hike with a scavenger hunt- Create a scavenger hunt list for each of your kids so they can check them off during your nature hike! 
17. Have a family talent show- This is another one I am super excited about. Each member has to perform in our house. Sing, dance, do gymnastics, do magic, show off a cool trick, the ideas are endless! Record it for safekeeping like the homemade movie!
18. Stargaze and try to spot constellations- Enjoy the cool nights and stargaze, or cloud gaze during the day and find cloud animals!
19. Make tye dye shirts- Grab some cheap plain shirts and create tye dye shirts! Take it a step further and everyone must wear them while you go out to eat. It’s all about creating the memory!
20. Play twister with paint or shaving cream- Grab your twister game but fill the spots with shaving cream or colored paint. Make sure to wear old clothes!! When your done rinse off by playing in the sprinkler. Make sure to grab some pictures before rinsing off!!

All of these will create such special memories, not only just for the kids, but the parents too. They grow so fast and we only have about 18 summers with them at home. Create the memories now and don’t forget to document them all to be able to look back and laugh, or cry like me!


Thank you so much Kim for these great ideas! We will definitely have a lot of fun trying these. Here is a printable bucket list provided by Kim! Follow along with her at

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