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Cloud Unit (K-12 Curriculum Review)- Love at Home Education

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Hi everyone!!

This weekend, since my husband was out of town, we did a fun mini lesson on clouds! My kids love to look at the clouds and tell me what they see so I knew they would love this unit learning all about them.

We used the Cloud Unit Study for K-12 by Love at Home Education. We learned all about the different types of clouds but since my kids are younger we focused on the 3 basic types of clouds: Stratus, Cumulus and Cirrus.

Love at Home Education- Cloud Unit

Here are some of the books we used from our local library:

Clouds by Anne Rockwell

Little Cloud by Eric Carle

What Are Clouds by Ellen Lawrence

Clouds by Trudi Strain Trueit

This unit study by Love at Home Education covers so many different subjects all in one simple, low prep pack: science, vocabulary, writing, spelling, comprehension, drawing and math!

And let me repeat…low prep! Everything in this pack is ready to print and go. I have 3 little ones running around so that is exactly what I need. I am able to print it all and pull out pages as needed.

The unit study comes with simple worksheets for different subjects that you can use at your own pace, in whatever way works best for your family. We used scrabble letters to practice spelling the new vocabulary.

Love at Home Education- Cloud Unit

To work on our vocabulary and memorize the clouds we did a craft project using cotton balls. We made each of the different types of clouds with cotton balls and then cut out the vocabulary words and definitions to be matched to the correct cloud.

Love at Home Education- Cloud Unit

Love at Home Education- Cloud Unit

Love at Home Education- Cloud Unit

My favorite part of this unit study is that it is made for different ages and grade levels to be able to work on one topic TOGETHER. Each unit has the expansion to go from K-12th! My son is actually in preschool but he was able to do the tracing pages and my daughter who is in Kindergarten was able to do the copy-work. As they get older I know we can still do this unit again, no matter what level they are at. There is something to learn for everyone!

Love at Home Education- Cloud Unit

Love at Home Education- Cloud Unit

Also included in this unit study are writing prompts, drawing prompts, and math ideas that get you exploring outside.

At the end of our study we did this worksheet to check our comprehension of the clouds we learned about.

Love at Home Education- Cloud Unit

For some messy hands on learning we played with shaving cream to create clouds and then practiced writing our letters.

Doing all these activities created more questions and interest for my kids. One being how do clouds make rain? So we tried this fun and easy experiment using a cup of water, shaving cream and blue food coloring.

Fill your glass almost full of water, add shaving cream on top as the “clouds” and add a few drops of food coloring on top. Watch as the food coloring drips down through the shaving cream clouds. So cool and a great visual for little ones.

We loved trying this unit from Love at Home Education. It is low prep, simple, full of facts and activities and helped develop an interest in my kids for the world around them. Giving them a love for learning is what I want my homeschool to be all about. Helping my kids with their passions and learning what they want to learn. Being able to learn together and sharing these special moments with them.

Thank you Sarah for letting us try your Cloud Unit Study! Click the link to get your Cloud Unit Study– Cloud Unit Study for K-12

Love at Home Education has many other great unit studies to choose from. Check them out at this link:

Sarah is hosting a Curriculum Blog Party on her blog with a review of each of her unit studies on May 15th. To see them all and how they are used by different families check out her blog:

You can also join Love at Home Education Facebook group! Love at Home Education Facebook Community

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